I’ve completely added all the elements at add my new instrument. I’m only having trouble now that I’m trying to figure out how to add a job around it. Does anyone have some pointers?

Knowing what type of instrument would be a big help !


There’s not much scope for violinists … or is there ??

Teacher of

i would suggest you ( or any violinist !) would need to know how to play one.
Set up an Evening Class. About 20 lessons ? Trouble being you never fail !
Of course, you will need to buy it first, so put the item on the Shopping list.

Then start job hunting.
To be a Teacher should require some Solo skills.
To get some Solo skills should require some Orchestra related job.

I don’t know anything about violinists so can’t help any further.
Needless to say, any probs, just post what you’ve done up to.

Actually I was thinking more along the lines joining a band like the other music careers, but I think I like these ideas better.

Variety and scope is good … combine both ideas.

btw, are you playing Kudos or Rock Legend ??

Kudos. But I have the Rock legend as well. It would be cool to add later too.