Adding new Classes Question

I’m trying to add a few classes for taking music lessons, guitar, piano and what not. I’ve got the class working, but I have an issue with the skill I learn from the class.

Here’s my code -

# ADULT practice_guitar Learn to play guitar from a professional instructor play guitar.ogg 10 -1 -1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 # # 0.1 #

Now when I go to the class for the first time I get a new skill called “nv_practice_guitar”, but if I purchase a guitar and practicve with it, I get a skill called “Guitar”.

I’ve been looking around in other csv files, but the only thing I can find that will give me the skill is practice_guitar. I may be missing something, or perhaps I’ve entered my code incorrect, though it does work. :slight_smile:

Also, I did not want to have to buy a guitar in order to take the class. See, I worked for 7 years in a Musical Instrument store, we gave lessons on a number of instruments, but we did not require (in some cases) the student to own their instrument. Altough, if the problem is the ownership of the instrument, how do I tell the hook_eveningclasses.csv file that the instrument is required?

Any info would be great, thanks.

Take care,

Ok nevermind, I found “music_guitar” under solo_activities and that’s got it working great as a class and with practicing on a guitar I own. Woot!

Heh, it figures, as soon as I post, I see the stupid thing.

Take care,