Insufficient Resources

First let me say that I am really enjoying this game . . . there was a game years ago called Free Enterprise, which this reminds me of . . . but this is much better.

However, I’m frustrated with Insufficient Resource Bottlenecks. I’ll see that I constantly run out of an item, so I will build the manufacturing of that item right next to it, also place a supply stockpile, set it to PREFER LOCAL . . . and I still run out of the resource while they are sitting at the manufacturing site.

There just really seems to be something wrong with the logic of how parts make it to where they should be. Either that or we need to be able to store much more quantity at the installation slot.

I see this a lot when I have a slot with some sort of advanced part – it appears to get all of the advanced items, but none of the older items. Then, when a budget/mid-range car with the older part hits the slot, it has to wait to get the older part.

Not sure if this is what you’re seeing, just that’s the biggest problem I have.

What do you mean by this bit? As in the Manufacturing slot has made parts that aren’t being sent to the fit slot??