[Outdated][Bug 1.16] Insufficient resources

I’m not too sure if this is a bug as such … My Axle production slots are reporting Insufficient Resources even though the import pallet is nearly full. I have attached 2 pics to show this.

Does that persist with a save/load? if so, could you email me the save game?

I have this same issue, I loaded up a save and everything now says Insufficient Resources and the resources was flying all around the factory for a bit…

is that reliable? ie: the resources are always ‘off-map’ when you load it? even if you start the app from new, then load in the game? if so please email it to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk.

I’m surprised more players have not reported this! I actually can reproduce both behaviors mentioned here, the junk flying diagonally across the map, and the resource importing suddenly stopping for no reason I was able to understand.

I will be emailing you the save with the junk as it’s the only one I can sort of reliably reproduce.

Note that it sometimes take a few reloads of the save before I get it to reproduce. I’m also playing with the price of my single car design usually when it happens (??)