[Outdated][Improvement 1.07] Insufficient Resources (Resource Import Limit?)

I’ve been playing with larger and larger factories. One HUGE bottleneck is being caused by insufficient resources. I notice this primarily when building the engine. I’ve managed to get most things stocked up by having each section use its own resource importer, however even with three resource importers on a engine parts alone the importers can’t keep up and as a result it is always showing insufficient resources for those sections.

I guess my question is this. Is there a limit to the amount of resources that can be transferred at a time regardless of how many importers you have feeding into it?

Here is an example. The line is being choked by having nearly 100% of incoming resources assigned to one importer even though i have three assigned. This in turn creates an interesting effect where the resources needed start to increase faster then what the importer is willing to put out and so then nothing will ever get built.

Only fix I see is to break down each machine to its own importer but that is super tricky since resource lines can’t touch each other without it doing this all over again.

One idea may be to have multi colored resource lines that can intersect but not transfer to each other.

Here you can see how one importer is doing all the work. One has a minor output and the other refuses to even dispense. You can change which ones dispense by removing one and then re-enabling it. This will transfer the load to another importer but still will only one instead of three.