New interim alpha build

Cana is not in yet, But I just pushed out an update (this is optional, I’m not triggering the update notice yet) for build 1.115. here are the changes:


  1. Border wall policy now requires the country have a land border :D.
  2. Country specific policies now excluded if unsuitable from donor demands and minister demands.
  3. Fixed broken link between working week and productivity.
  4. Sports team being gagged event no longer make patriots so insanely furious.
  5. Preview of effects on new policy screen now always sized correctly.
  6. Sliders on the policy screen now automatically spring to a valid position when you release your mouse.
  7. Right to privacy now upsets capitalists.
  8. Revamp on healthcare costs system so many items now affect healthcare demand which then affects healthcare costs.
  9. Added credits link to main menu.
  10. Reforestation now affects the environment.
  11. France now has ID cards and no more luxury goods tax.
  12. Shifted to native 64 bit support.
  13. Colorblind Support.
  14. Re-spaced the cost/income buttons on policy details screen and made them responsive to mouse.
  15. Changed how ministers and donors choose voter group sympathies so as to be more representative of the current demographics.
  16. Fixed broken link between banning second home ownership & socialism
  17. Dilemmas repeat only after twice the old duration now.
  18. Fixed multiple impacts on flat tax by tax evasion.
  19. A whole bunch of minor balance tweaks for each country.



The installer runs oddly slowly (it’s unpacking maybe 2 or 3 tiny text files a second, on a beefy system), but this is on Wine on Linux, odd things happen. I’m just posting this here so that if it happens to someone else, well, we’ll know that it happens on more than one system.

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This is a change to the 64 bit installer so that might be related?

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I guess we should prioritize Linux fixes at some level? If not already done? Linux seems to have a lot of issues.