Updated to build 1.21

Here are todays changes, hope you like them, feedback most welcome :smiley:


  1. Fixed issues running on low res screens, so minimum screen height is now only 768 res.
  2. Achievements window now has 4 columns on really large screens.
  3. Fixed bug where perception inputs window could open behind the spin event results.
  4. Some graphical ‘polish’ changes.
  5. Germany - Reduced strength of Welfare Fraud Dept.
  6. Germany - Reduced spending on Disability benefit
  7. Germany - Wire Tapping added at a low level.
  8. Germany - Immigration and Refugee rules more lenient.
  9. Germany - Charity tax Relief increased.
  10. Germany - Added a carbon tax.
  11. New Policies: Unexplained Wealth orders, Border Navy, Packaging Tax, Plastics Tax, Water Meters, Desalination Plants.
  12. Mortgage tax relief now less costly to implement, Food labelling slightly more costly.
  13. Removed duplicate link between Inflation and Cryptocurrency adoption.
  14. Fixed bug where credit rating not displayed correctly on tooltip for credit rating change.
  15. Rebalance of the likelihood of many dilemmas triggering
  16. Doctors strike situation less directly tied to state health care now, more related to wages.
  17. Rail Strike situation less directly tied to state rail now, more related to wages.
  18. Luddite riots now less immediately triggered, and also suppressed by Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets and Water Cannons.
  19. Tasers no longer useful against Race Riots, but Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets and Water Cannons now work against them.
  20. Fixed wrong requirements in guides for top marx achievement.
  21. Changes to UK starting conditions to include many policies that should be already in place.
  22. Changes to USA starting conditions to include many policies that should be already in place.
  23. CO2 Emissions have a stronger affect now on Average Temperature
  24. Road Building now has a more skewed and stronger negative effect on traffic congestion.
  25. Cyclones now easier to trigger.
  26. Fixed achievement bug that meant some achievements were unusually hard.
  27. A whole bunch of previously super-hard achievements are now a bit easier.
  28. Events have been re-balanced.

Quick suggestion after starting my first game of the new update: Now that there is a proper plastics tax in place, I think it would make sense to remove the “plastic bag tax” as it is redundant. It would be like having a sugar tax in the game even though there’s already a junk food tax. One would assume plastic bags are already included in the plastics tax, and the “plastic bag tax” is so ridiculously miniscule in impact compared to the plastics tax anyway, its almost a waste to have it in now. It might be nice to reduce the clutter a little bit.


This is a fair point, although some might say that a plastics bag tax is an easy popular win towards a full plastics tax… Also the bag tax is more about waste and leaving bags everywhere than reducing the CO2 impact or long term waste issue… but I think its a fair point.
Its very tricky to remove policies entirely because I have to write special code to remove them from save games as they get loaded, and they can be in a lot of different places, but I shall give this some thought.

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Do many players load their saves from one day to the next? I find that after about an hour I have done everything I’m going to do with a country, and that will cover a few terms.

I have some saves that I will work on in chunks over several days, as I actually quite enjoy the longer-term gameplay. But yeah I think I am in the minority here (although with the rebalance of the late game that might change!), and Cliff brings up a good point in that if its too tedious, it might not be worth it. Still worth thinking about it though.

But specifically regarding the plastic bag tax, I don’t think it should be that big of a problem since I don’t think it is actually found as a variable in any of the simulations/situations/events, right? All it does is affect capitalist/environmentalist happiness, it doesn’t even affect the environment if I remember correctly.

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That’s correct

I would modify the “religion of state” by putting some famous religions and with the cursor of the law choose a religion.
Example: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and atheism.

To me that would down any the realism of the game. Im sorry but I just don’t see how the US would adopt islam nor Europe shift to Budddism. That would just be cartoonish.

In fact, Democracy 4 is not a movie with programmed scenes. it can vary. I don’t think they accept Christianity in Arabia. Even Germany that legalizes drugs is not real but there is the law.


That is true, however I draw the line on religion. I can tolerate increasing totalitarian regimes and further security and scrutiny because that is happening, although at a snail’s pace. It is simply just personal pereference.

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ok :slight_smile:

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I know it’s a bit late, but is there any chance you can also adjust the next update, where Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets and Water Cannons also can be used against Drone Protests and other similar riot situations?