Internal update error.

When I try to use the game’s internal update system it will get to the point of downloading the text for the verteran benefits policy, then crash and shut down. What can I do to fix this?

In case it helps, the error message is: IERROR Failed writing local web copy.

Are you running the latest version of the game (1.16)?

this sounds like a permissions bug, in that it’s trying to write a file on your hard disk and failing. are you the administrator account on the PC?

Yep I’m administrator, I can edit most files in program files etc. and install mods i’ve download from the modding section of this site. Would It be possible for me to maybe edit one of the game files so the files that were downloaded to a different area so I could install them like any other mod?

you can actually download the files manually. the list of files is here: … efiles.txt

it shows you a text list of the location of the files, and where they are supposed to go. like this:


means take this file: … nefits.txt

and place it in the games MyDocuments/democracy2/data/simulation/policies


Cheers Cliffski, That worked perfectly.