Veteran Affairs

i haven’t noticed this posting elsewhere yet so just looking to see if its a bug or a problem on my end.

Anyways i did the manual update to 1.09, and 3 times now i have tried to implement veteran affairs. However every time i try to implement the game crashes. any possiblities on why it may be happening?

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it sounds like the new files have not downloaded properly, but they may think they have. if you delete the entire ‘mods’ directory from mydocuments/democracy2, it should all get redownloaded again ok.

I deleted mods from my document file, and still. The game crashes at veteran benefits when I update.

What error message is given when the game crashes? It should be written in the ‘debug.txt’ file inside the games ‘debugdata’ folder if that helps. (feel free to email me the file at cliff AT

We could just create a link between mil expenditure and disability benefit.

Or have a separate policy for it.

Policy Idea: Veteran’s Affairs - Democracy 4 - Positech Games