Introduction to manage and conduct wars or events

Hello. I wanted to know if it is possible, as the title suggests, to introduce events such as wars, manage them by changing the parameters of the entire period of conflict, but above all manage the various specialties of different troops and technologies for the conflict. I also wanted to know if it could be added in the introductions of the media (newspapers, print media), which determine all the facts and reports of the conflict with positive or negative factor towards the population of various kinds for the grueling duration of the period that could affect society .

Thats probably outside the scope of the game we are making, although I can imagine people may have fun modding that sort of thing :smiley:

So will we have to wait for the mod workshop system to develop this possibility? Another thing the game will be translated into Italian language?

Thanks for the reply. :smiley: :pray:

Wars should be moral dilemmas - like the Second Iraq War - During the George W Bush Presidency.

The options should be igniting the war through an act of parliament or executive action or not participating - or not participating through executive action.

Non participating would stop certain script events from occurring.

**The Reaction could cause response with patriots, liberals, and the middle class.

The option of participating could cost boots on the ground and Massive Budgetary Spending (The Wars In Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the US about $6 Trillion in 20 Years?) - or just diplomatic support.

The dilemmas could continue with result of sectarian violence tearing the Country of Iraq apart and the issue of sending in more troops and more budgetary spending.
There could be other dilemmas of the “demand to change the course” - and if the course is changed and troops are pulled out, then this could hurt foreign relations with allied nations.

After Years of War there could be the dilemmas for an exit plan from the country with liberals and the poor demanding investment in the economy and not the war - or continuing the war on national security grounds - gaining support from patriots.

Another dilemma could be refugees and border control - Years of War and Sectarian Violence has torn the country apart and caused a refugee crisis - with the player choosing to either close the borders - or allow refugees to settle in the country.

Another dilemma could be a peace plan - separate Iraq such as what James Baker forwarded along Sectarian Grounds - Iraq was to be divided into 3 nations, Kurds, Shia and Sunni - increase foreign relations based upon regional borders or stabilised into one country - and is now and needing rebuilding and reinvestment - decreased foreign relations if the country is left in a mess.

An event could be Sectarian Terrorism inside an Nation’s Borders by foreign terrorists.

I was impressed with the suggestion but I think it needs to be based into the game dynamics of dilemmas and events - it would be good if this option was included.

What do you think cliffski?

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