Is it possible to do this (modding related)

Hey all.

Im thinking about making a armed forces\war mod, but there is one thing that worries me:

Is it possible to make diellemas\events to not happen if the ‘no’ answer is selected on a diellema.

So, say:

If user says ‘yes’ to war in a diellema, then once every few turns, a new war-related dilemma or event will pop up.

But, if someone says no, to war, then there will be no war-related events\dilemmas for good.

Any ideas?

hmmmm. Basically you need to create an object that something else can check. I’m not aware of an easy way to do that with the existing code. However, basically you just need a way to call a script that creates a hidden, blank object and activates or deactivates it. In code terms, this wouldn’t be hard to do at all. I will try and get this done the next update, although that might not be for a little while.

I guess you basically want to do this



That would be a useful feature.

Hmm… I have an idea.

Basically, selecting ‘yes’ in a dilemma will cause the (hidden) simulation value to go x value.

So, when said simulation value is at x value, then that triggers the events. Ill have a go at this now.

Im a bit confused by what that means-anyone care to tell :slight_smile:.

Basically, in the “OnImplement” effects of the “do you want to go to war?” dilemma, instead of using the normal “CreateGrudge” instruction, you would put something like SetActive(gonetowar,true). You could then set as a prerequisite to all the dilemmas and events that were related to war “gonetowar”. If there was later a dilemma about whether to end the war, you would run the line SetActive(gonetowar,false). This would stop the events and dilemmas showing again.

Thanks to Tom and Cliff-it would be great if you could get that done in the next update.

Another thing, is it possible to make the in-game wedges a little bit bigger? My War mod’s policies already fill the International Policy wedge (and there are only 3 of them done :frowning:)


I take it that this has not yet been implemented in the game. Is there a chance that it will be implemented in a future update?

you mean hidden flags?
yes its very likely to go in the next time I do an update.

Yes, I meant the hidden flags. Thanks, glad to hear it.