Background Glitch?

During restaurants and romantic social interactions, the background is black while the cursor is visible. If I move the cursor around I get these little shadow cursors that kind of allow me to read the menu…

The shadow cursor thing also happens on every birthday screen although the background is normal. I think Cliff mentioned this had something to do with my Intel graphics card? A good deal of people have an Intel on-board and the glitch kind of takes away from going out to eat for me :frowning:

P.S. I see that this was addressed in a different thread, although I’m running the latest version (1.05) and the error keeps happening.

is this with the latest video card drivers? Also, does it have the same problem with the evening classes window or anything else?

Nothing with evening class, and yes I have the latest drivers.

Does this still happen if you run the game in a window? I’m guessing intels drivers might be marginally less crap that way.

I’m having this problem too. And yes it still happens in Windowed mode.