Modding existing events/dilemmas

Making a waste management mod to add a couple more policies and situations, and would like to integrate them better with the events and dilemmas in the base game. Have a “Garbage Overflow” situation that kicks in when your country is generating more waste than it’s cleaning up, for example. Would like that situation to be worsened by the Garbage Scam event, and lessened by choosing to build the Toxic Waste Dump in the dilemma. I get how to make entirely new events and dilemmas, and I think I understand how to use an override .ini file for existing policies and simulation values, but not sure how to adjust the Grudges generated by an existing event or dilemma in the base game. Could just straight up edit the game files on my PC, but hoping for this to be a sharable mod at some point. Any suggestions on how to do something like an override for events and dilemmas?

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