Just a quick suggestion about the order range bars...

hey, got the game last night, great fun. Its actually pulling me away form my normal wow addiction…

So, last night I was adding orders to my ships, and the range bar is quite hard to get exactly where I want it. Could you add click points to the slider bar, or perhaps a test box to the side to type in the exact range? its not a game killer by any means, but it was annoying trying to get my slider at exactly 1200 meters…

Anyways, great game!

This has occured to me too pretty much every time I use the engagement range bar.

What I would really like is a little input box where you can type in the range you want. Increments of 10 on the slider would also be good.

While you’re at it, why not actually show on the map what the range is as you set it? The whole ‘guess how far 500 is lol’ element of the game is unnecessary.



Now we only need an order that allows ships to fire fighters without following them to the edge of the map to die alone. =P