Any chance of these getting added at some point in the future? Ideally ones that could filter out modded scores, if that’s even possible.

It would be good. Filtering out modding is pretty tricky to do with 100% accuracy thoguh, without slowing down the game big time.

The problem with high scores and leaderboards (by which I mean online, global ones, not local high scores) is that people always gravitate towards any exploit or weird get-around that allows them to be the top of the eladerboard, which often means that leaderboards are either filled with cheaters or hackers, or the developers spend lots of time working on anti-cheat software and detecting / deterring or punishing cheaters rather than working on adding features to the game or fixing bugs.
Especially with a small indie developer like positech (is it actually really one guy?) you don’t want them to cut out certain proposed featrues or improvements because they spend ages firefighting people hacking the high scores.
Just my opinion :smiley: