I wouldn't change the game, but I think this might be cool..

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What do you think?:
I wouldn’t really change any of the existing gameplay (nothing that I can think of at the moment), but I think a nice add-on would be to have a sort of Online HighScore Board. The Board could contain achievements such as the Top Ten highest Kudos scores, Most money made in a year, most money made in 10 years. Most educated (based on how many courses you’ve taken), most skillful (based on things like bowling, gambling, etc. etc…) This is just an example of the ideas, but I’m sure the list could go on. Perhaps Medals or Trophies could be obtained by accomplishing more difficult tasks (the winners of these medals get there nickname posted online in the scoreboard)… These are just some examples, but I think they would only add an extra level of fun to the gameplay because you could even have silly awards for things such as Dirtiest player (meaning they left there place a mess for the longest period of time)… Just some silly fun. So it’s just a thought… what do you think Cliffski?



could be good, could be fun, although high score stuff online can be a bit tricky to keep free of hackers.

Too true. I think it would be fun though. I mean, I don’t really think this is the type of game where you should only focus on achievements because there are so many different experiences throughout the game but the strategy/simulation can add some light hearted competition to an online scoreboard of sorts in one form or another. After all, this game doesn’t require twitch reflexes or pattern memorization so achieving certain criteria shouldn’t be as competative or taken as seriously as a schmup or action game. Although some people might still take it very seriously… Maybe just a bare-bones simple score board would do the trick… something that might not be so tempting for people to hack, while still being fun for everyone playing. Perhaps you could just have boards with things such as “most bar brawls” - which would contain a list of the top 10 - 50 people that have participated in the highest amount of bar brawls… or perhaps a top 50 list of most mugged players… etc. etc. Because of the type of game that Kudos is I think there are a ton of different “leaderboards” that could be made up without making them too serious so that people feel the need to hack (which is an unfortunate scenario no matter what the game is). And because of the different ways that people choose to play, chances are a great deal of people will have an opportunity to have there username or nickname up in the spotlight, either for a laugh or light hearted “bragging” rights. Having your stats posted could also just be optional (like being able to download the extra content including avatars, jobs, and backgrounds) and not really necessary to play and enjoy the game, just a nice enhancement where the Kudos community can participate and compare with one another.

These are just ideas though, I know this could take quite a bit of work to code in an extra feature like this so it’s basically just my two cents worth and obviously an outside idea like this should only be taken into consideration when a fair amount of the community wants the same thing because then at least it makes the work worth the effort. I know you have enough on your plate. If enough people like the idea though, perhaps this could be an addon in the future.



I’ve started doing some work towards stuff like this. Not a high score page in the traditional sense, but a web page showing your progress that you can compare with other people.
Might take a while though :smiley:

I think that’ll be fun. Even if it’s not a traditional scoreboard, I don’t really think you could make a traditional scoreboard for this type of game anyway. It’s far more involving than something like, lets say, Galaga… or Asteroids, where the objectives are at the most basic levels of gameplay. It is quite possible that you could have multiple charts or scorelists for involving different criteria from the game. I’m anxious to see what sort of comparison chart or “scoreboard” you do end up creating though. Also, even if it does take some time I’m sure it’s better that you don’t rush it anyway because there are many different ways you could go about creating it and plenty of ideas and directions that you might want to take when implementing it. What sort of things will you have on this scoreboard anyway? I mean, what sort of comparisons, and from which aspects of the game are these “scores” going to be tallied? Just curious because I think it’ll be interesting and just add another level challenge/fun to an already good game.