Leaving the EU

Hi all new to game, just wanted to know can I leave the EU with D3 and if not is there a mod?


The EU isn’t simulated in D3 so no, you can’t leave it… Because, it doesn’t exist.

That could of course be done with a dilemma, with a prerequisite for countries which are already EU-members. It would require new country files.

Or just consider a large generic economic group, like EU, ALCA, Mercosul, Alianza del Pacifico, etc…

No worries I found a mod which allows me to leave EU if playing an EU Country. :slight_smile:

Thanks for replies though.

May you name it or link it here?

EU MOD, Its on Steam Workshop. :slight_smile:

Waiting for a Scotland leaving the UK Mod now would be interesting to see what happens.