Lets talk about the games performance (FPS)

How well does the game run for you? And what screen res and hardware do you have?
I am ultra-paranoid about this stuff, and always want my games running smoothly. it’s capped at 60FPS anyway, but unless you have fairly poor hardware vs a big resolutiion, it should bumble along at 50-60FPS most of the time.
Let me know how it runs for you, and if you have noticed slowdowns associated with any specific features or options.

I run a fairly obsolete laptop from 2003, I’m fairly certain they don’t even make my brand of video card anymore. The game runs beautifully with max settings and I love the hell out of it. However, for some reason mechs slow the game down by a lot, bring it below the 10 fps range. And its only certain mechs too. Sometimes I can put down light mechs without issue, but a medium will bring the fps to a crawl. Sometimes lights cause slowdowns. Sometimes certain chassis. Sometimes all of them. I’ve lowered the settings as far as they can go, and still mechs bring the framerate crashing down. Beyond that the game runs at around 50 fps when there’s no mechs on the field, no matter how many bullets and explosions there are.

Processor: Intel Core 2 1.66ghz
Memory: 2038mb ram
Video: Intel GMA 950 224mb memory

So yea, a well optimized game except for random mechs for some reason.

I suspect it is the mechs walking animations that do that. They are pretty intensive on video memory.

Yes, there’s some big problems:

The game loads up the main menu in a couple of seconds.
There aren’t any unskippable logos, EULA or brand name videos on startup.
The game runs at max detail with a great frame rate on old hardware.
The game lacks proprietary archives that contain all of the game data files.
The game is moddable without a mod kit.
The patches aren’t sufficiently large in size and are released too frequently.
The game hasn’t been sufficiently adjusted for a console audience.

Really, how can you expect to compete with multinational corporations’ AAA titles when you haven’t matched their basic game features?

But at least you got something right:

When the game crashes, very little debug information is given as to why.

My performance has been at 100%, until last patch.

I think the changes you made to the smoke have affected my game, about 3/4 way through the battle there is a LOT of impenetrable smoke, and my comp starts to slow down.

I play at 1920 res, 3.6Ghz processor, 8GB ram, 560Ti Graphics Card.

It still easily playable, I just wanted to mention the smoke appears to be slowing stuff down on my game.

I did a test last night with the mechs and the slowdown. Whatever chassis’ are in my initial deployment before the battle starts will not slow down my game for that fight. I guess I’m just going to have mech heavy starts I suppose.

That’s weird. Is it related to the actual placing of them? (in other words once they are down and moving is it ok?).
And does it matter if they are onscreen or not? I imagine it would not, because the textures are still loaded then.

My report is almost verbatim to this post.

could someone post a screenshot of the battle when performance is slow?

Thanks, I’ll see if I can optimise that a bit. I have new code that can monitor the framerate in real time and adjust stuff (like infantry shadows), so I can use that to fade that smoke out quicker if it starts to slow things down.

I think I’ve found the cause of this, it’s a patch issue, rather than a bug as such, and should be fixed in 1.007

I only just got the game, so cannot vouch for previous patch problems, but the game seems to run extremely well for me. I tried it with fraps running (which I presume doesn’t slow the game if it is just showing the FPS, ratehr than recording?).
Anyway, it seems to run between 55-60 FPS for me, regardless of what is going on with the map. My PC is a few years old now, so that was a pleasant surprise, especially after a few recent AAA games which have run like an asthmatic dog… Even company of heroes can slow down badly for me with big battles, and that’s very old now…