LGBT Discrimination Act

Hi community and Cliff, who saw my last post I talked about racial segregation. Today we will not talk about racial segregation but rather about another law that is anti-discriminatory. I’m talking about the anti-discrimination law regarding LGBT people. In my opinion it should have either the basic options that is minimum, low, medium, high and maximum or customized options that is: 1) Fines for those who discriminate 2) Socially useful works for those who discriminate 3) Imprisonment for those who discriminate
(These 3 options can also be applied to other deprivation laws ie racial and gender).
In addition, I also propose a reeducation law for those who discriminate in general, both racially and sexually, and with regard to the LGBT community which will lower democracy in a bit, make liberals happy, anger conservatives, socialists will be happy but less than liberalize them, equality and gender equality will increase
This was what I had to propose. I hope that you will implement these 2 laws as as I said in an old post of mine after 5 mandates you find yourself with few laws to apply and you risk always changing those and making a flip flop.
See you later!!!


Isn’t this already in place?

Those are gay marriages which in my opinion is not like the anti-racial discrimination law