Life expectancy and health care demand

This got adjusted in the patch notes, and I feel that it is over represented in game. People tend to get very care intensive in the final few years of their life, regardless of how long that life was. People who’ve lived healthy lives and are going to live well into their 80s tend to be quite healthy in their 70s. Conversely people who have lived a lifestyle that will kill them before 60 get to be health care intensive in their 50s.

Therefore I would argue that if anything life expectancy would have little impact on health care demand.

I guess we have to see how many pre-life expectancy people are sicker than normal, and how many post-life expectancy people are healthier than normal, to see whether this would be disproportionate or balance out. Would you by any chance have any figures?

And whether it justifies a 50% increase in health costs for the elderly.