Limpet Launchers - question

It is the first time i mod a serious limpet mine, but im wonder… ¿it is possible to have custom mines? i mean, not the launcher, but the mine itself… i say that cuz i noticed that the game only picks 1 limpet_mine-dds file no matter wat different launchers u have (u cant specify a texture file for the mine).

My understanding of that module is that you’re stuck with the single existing sprite for deployed limpets.


Damnit :stuck_out_tongue: i was afraid that u guys will say something like that -cries- , well if u only need 1 limpet launcher in the whole race there is no problem, the problem is when u need 2 different mines because u have 2 different limpet launchers… in my mod this is a bit lame cuz i will need to provide only 1 limpet launcher to all the races (hirogen) sigh, well i forgot to say something about this in the custom bullets thread… -facepalm-