Make Wingmirrors not producing regular mirror


The Make Wingmirrors after being upgraded with Folding Wingmirrors and Heated Wingmirrors doens’t produce any more WingMirror. So to have the Fit Wing Mirrors importing only local for WingMirror I have to have two Make Wingmirrors, one fully upgraded and the other without the upgrades.

This is how it should work I think.

Make wing mirrors can produce one of four different products.

Wing mirrors
Heated wing mirrors
Folding wing mirrors
Heated/folding wing mirrors.

You choose the output by upgrading the slot or by activate/deactivate the upgrades in the slot.

In my opinion it wouldn’t make sense to produce all products in one slot because in this case the export room in the “make wing mirrors” will be full very fast.

Those green tick boxes for upgrades can be toggled on and off, if you want to temporarily switch back to making regular wingmirrors. Ideally have two different slots though, as mentioned.