Making friends and keeping them...

I’ve bought the game, have had it for about 2 months now. I can’t freaking make friends. I’ve noticed the pattern where I take them out, they like it, next time they won’t off and on. I can never make friends and I want some. How can I cheat to make them be my friends…

I get to the 10yrs and have no friends.

Can someone help me to cheat or something?!


Try something like this …

start a new game
forget the initial 4 friends that are there
get into some college course(s)
for knowledge
for better career
get some pets
better yourself ( Kudos ) by buying / reading books

some, maybe, of the initial friends might invite you out … accept
even if you lose them all you’ll make new ones from college and/or future job
jogging is pretty good at new friends … well, it works for me

Good luck :exclamation:

I already do all that you said, but the thing is I can never get them to stay as my friends, you know to reach the 20% so that when you do certain activities (like bowling) you can invite more than one.

That’s my problem.

I usually ignore the intial 4 friends because I need to get money and a career, & if I go out w/them, I won’t have money.

Oh, OK

It’s down to a simple cheat for starters …
open up config.txt and change the value for GV_STARTINGCASH. Not too high tho.

And try a new game without changing career … it’s so much fun :unamused:

The most I’ve had as direct friends, without really trying, is 14.

You do know that when taking peeps out that the minimum is the black squares and you can invite enough to fill up the gray squares ?

I don’t quite understand what that 20% you said :open_mouth:

[b]Rocky said[b]

I didn’t know that! Oh man do I feel stupid. No wonder. I’ma go and play now.