Ministers don't change between games

Context: I have 2 computers that can play this game, one is an up to date gaming machine and the other is an obsolete gaming machine now hooked up to the living room TV. Both can play democracy 4.

At the start of each game the exact same ministers are available every time, same suitability, same sympathies. However, my 2 computers each have their own set, the living room TV gives me different ministers than the gaming rig, but each gives the same every time.

I’m left with the conclusion that whatever sets the stats of the ministers is generated locally, but isn’t triggering each time I start a game. Also, given that I have 2 machines independently reproducing the problem I’m guessing it isn’t on my end.

Also, as a general question: Is there any major work left in this game? The last post on this forum was 14 days ago. I see that you update as nations change policy, such as France’s retirement age, but do you intend to do any more work like another expansion, or even overhaul what costs what? I might suggest that based on … recent evidence … changing retirement age is not being represented as causing enough controversy. I also suggest that it’s a little silly that in Germany giving free bus rides to seniors is equally controversial to U-turning the nuclear energy policy. Germany is so fanatically anti nuclear that the German Green Party is supporting a plan that involves burning more coal. I don’t get it, but I also don’t think that 13 PC really represents the controversy.

their stats seems to remain the same, but their sympathies actually vary a little if you keep restarting. your starting political capital per turn amount seems to change as you restart as well. it seems to increase, actually. i got it as high as 21 per turn at the start with japan, which is the nation i play the most, and that seems like as high as it can get without save editing.

while testing this i actually stumbled upon another bug. i have been meaning to make a thread about it for a while, i guess i will use this opportunity to report it. if you make a save game, completely close the game, start it again and continue playing the save game, any changes you make to policies seem to take effect in the very next turn, rather than slowly changing through several turns like it normally does.