Missplaced Modules??

Well, it didnt happened before cuz i never tried, but i noticed that if i put a weapon module into a hardpoint, the gamie will let me to do it!! is this normal?? u can place weapons in hardpoints slots and viceversa?? its weird, if it is not , wat is wrong?

I note your astonishment at this and wonder if there’s a misunderstanding somewhere.

The term “hardpoint” is commonly understood to be a location where a weapon (either unarmored or encased within a turret) may be mounted to the ship’s structure. A module slot may, of course, hold any module (i.e., non-weapon device). This includes all power systems, crew quarters, engines, armor. and so on.

Here’s where it gets funky… :slight_smile:

A weapon slot, on the other hand, may hold either a weapon or a module. There’s nothing preventing your from placing an engine, power generator, etc. in a weapon slot. But a laser gun or a missile launcher could not be placed in a module slot.

Let us know if you had something different in mind. Thanks!

I knew that. The problem is that I can place a weapon module into a hardpoint slot!! thats the reason of my confusion!! Any ideas??

P.D.: I dont like the idea of allowing power modules slots to be able to place on weapon modules slots … makes no sense on creating power modules slots… ¿wats the point?

thx in advance.

At the moment there is no way to stop players using weapon slots for standard modules. (Its part of the game design.)

At a guess, the reason why there is a limited number of weapon slots is to restrict the amount of weapons you can cram onto the hull. Probally for balance reasons . . as i said, i am only guessing

I don’t understand why he’s so confused that his weapon slots hold weapons.

Perhaps you could begin by explaining to us in your own words what you believe a hardpoint slot is? As things stand right now, you’re not making much sense. The terminology you use (and the way that you use it) is confusing others who’d like to help you.

Me, neither. :slight_smile:

i believe he’s trying to say that he placed weapons in a module slot.
Or he’s joking.

I’ve only seen one weapon like this. I think it was the scrambler beam… I don’t remember right now.

Your right Cetiah Nova, the only “weapon” that can be placed in a standard module slot is th EMP Cannon (cruiser_ecm_shock.txt)

My guess is that he is pondering something along the lines of:
. . “what is the point of having the standard module slots when your weapon module slot can take both - why not have a ship that is completly weapon slots ?”

There is some merit to the question, I suppose. Why stick a power plant on top of your ship or on the nose of your fighter? “Because I can,” said the mad Engineer.

I suppose if you ever needed to swap out or upgrade power plants, it would be a little more convenient. And in Star Trek they’re always jettisoning the damn thing anyway, so why not strap it outside to begin with…?

Conceptually, I think the power plant is supposed to replace the hardpoint, not slot into it, but I’m having fun with the imagery…

I believe it’s a game-balance mechanism for controlling the relative combat potential of the various hulls.

I used to play a game in which one race’s starships had a multitude of very modular ships. It was a pleasantly wacky concept, although the eventual presence of a zillion different kinds of slightly-different modules became tiresome.

FWIW, I agree with you. In GSB I have never taken the presence of a particular slot (for modules or for weapons) as a literal statement that there are immense voids in the ship’s structure, just waiting to be filled immediately prior to the battle. Same for believing that the slots are also abstract regarding location. I’ve always looked at the hull diagrams for each GSB unit to be schematic and not to scale or tied to a precise location. I’d therefore be the first person stick a power plant “on top” of my ship. :wink:

it is possible for weapons to end up in standard slots. it happedn to me once when i changed from the star wars mod beta to alpha and the turret and standard slots changed positions on the ship cuasing some weapons to end up on a standard slot

It’s also probably worth noting that the weapon mechanism extends inside the ship to some extent. So it’s not just a turret sitting on top, it’s a bunch of machinery and cooling systems and ammo stores and whatnot that are connected to the turret thing that sits on top of the ship.

So it’s not out of the question that you could stick, like, a power generator or crew quarters in that part of the ship, instead of a laser gun or missile bay. On the other hand, only select parts of the ship are structurally capable of having a several ton rotating turret-thing stuck on top of it. Thus, limited hardpoints, and a bunch of auxiliary module slots for all the rest of the equipment you have stuffed away inside the hull-space that’s left.