[Mod] Banking System,Keynesian Policy,Infrastructure

Hey guys,

Here are some mods I created recently:

Banking System
-The health of the banking system is simulated. It is affected by the global economy and it has a major effect on domestic GDP.
-Banking Crisis is a new situation which occurs when the global economy enters a severe downturn. Domestic GDP is severely hit when a banking crisis occurs.
-Bank Rescue is a new policy which will help alleviate the banking crisis and boost GDP a bit.

Keynesian Economic Policy
-Adds Stimulus Package as a policy to help stimulate the economy (if played under USA the stimulus costs 800 billion just like the most recent US stimulus)

-Adds Infrastructure Spending as a new policy to help bring down unemployment and boost GDP, as well as alleviate Car Congestion

I might merge Keynesian Economic Policy and Infrastructure Spending in the future with the addition of new policies and situations.

I tried to add icons on the Keynesian Economic Policy mod but they don’t work. If anyone can help me with icon creation, I’d appreciate it.

Please check them out and tell me what you think! If anyone has ideas for similar mods, please let me know and I will try to create them.
Infrustructure Spending.zip (7.06 KB)
Keynesian Policy Mod 1.0.zip (355 KB)
Banking System 1.0.zip (8.11 KB)

I made some changes on the Banking System mod:

-Bank Rescue has a bigger impact on the health of the Banking System
-Capital Injections were added as a policy and they have some impact on the health of the Banking System, as well
Banking System 1.1.zip (8.19 KB)

make icons to your mod

Hey joseruela5

I’d love to make icons but I don’t really know how that’s why I asked if anyone can help me with that issue!

i can help you . i have a other mod, you can help me ?

Alright mate deal you help with icons and I’ll help you with your mod. So what’s your mod about and how can I help?

alright you have skype ?

Sent you a pm. check your inbox!

I have made these icons for your infrastructure and stimulus package policies, if you want them.


That’s really nice of you Gonzoen. Thank you so much! Your icons are really good. I’m gonna upload updates of these mods plus some other mods I’ve developed soon. I’ve been kind of busy the past months!

i download your mod and install it in D3 on mac, i can see it in game-mods-mod browser, but how can i know its really can be used in game? when i installed country mod, it also in the browser, but in a new game, i can’t find it

how do i must put the mods in the folders?