Monetary Policy Mod

I added a mod to incorporate the following into the game:

Minimum Wage
Prime Rate


Situations (Soon to come!)

The current version is v1.0 (21.1 KB)

You could use the Icon Creation tools Elinor linked, which are both free.

Alright just finished the mod! I’ll be updating it soon with the situations hyperinflation and deflation.

People here may want to look at this mod:
The mod is an attempt to show how the game would work if the economy worked well under free market capitalism.
When I tried it, it didn’t work (you still had to be a communist to do well in the game), but I might not have installed it properly.

PS: I’m a libertarian and I’m trying to get some people together who could help to create a mod of this game that would work best under freedom and free markets.