[MOD] Free Belts that Prints Money

I browsed on the modding forum and I find a post that SCHMID6SIG has created.

He posted how to mod “Free Belts” (originaly by Tim). What he said whas how to change the code to get money when you place belts insted of lossing money.

So if you don’t know how to change the code, This is already fixed. When you download it the code is on -1985.

Please don’t say in the comments that you lose money when you delete, Because I know that and I think I can not fix it.

Comment down below if you wanna have a tutorial on have to change the value “-1985” to something other.

And a special thanks to SCHMID6SIG for helping me how to make this code.

Do you know how to install a mod?
If not, enter this link: bigpharmagame.com/modding.html
It will tell exactly how to install a mod.
(P.S. This mod works for the Humble version and the Steam version!)


Free Belts that Prints Money.rar (5.41 KB)