[MOD] Independent Defense Force (WIP)

[i]So… What should you expect from this mod? I will tell you:
[size=95]* 7 new and epic ships with (probably) custom graphic…

  • 103 new epic modules with custom graphic, full set of modules for each ship size…
  • 128 new epic unique weapons with custom epic graphic…
  • Epic campaign of epic scales with epic battles (probably or probably not)…[/i][/size]

New fighter-class modules, from Right to Left:

[size=95][i]Warning! Both Shield Generators and 4 last modules have completely new Icons :slight_smile:

  1. XCQ-107 Standard Cockpit
  2. XCQ-133 Advanced Cockpit
  3. XCQ-172 Elite Cockpit
  4. XGN-104 Ion Reactor
  5. XGN-134 Pulsar Reactor
  6. XGN-172 Einsof Micro Reactor
  7. XTG-116 Reactive Thruster
  8. XTG-142 Photovatic Thruster
  9. XTG-175 Palladite Thruster
  10. XAS-107 Plasteel Armor Plating
  11. XAS-142 Duranium Armor Plating
  12. XAS-178 Biotrinium Armor Plating
  13. XSH-131 Experimental Shield Generator
  14. XSH-177 Solaris Shield Generator
  15. XRS-144 Nanite Replicator
  16. XRS-177 Nanoneuronic Replicator
  17. XCF-172 Molecular Cloaking Device
  18. XTS-176 Triangular Targeting System
  19. XPD-174 Repulsor Anti-Missile System
  20. XTP-179 Alphawave Target Painter
  21. XSW-173 Corelum Stasis Webifier[/i][/size]

New thrust effect, only for IDF ships:

[size=95]Big ship - IDF X-127 ‘Malkhut’ Elite Destroyer, frigate size. Dummy equip without weapons for explosion and damage images testing purposes.
Swarm of small ships - IDF X-104 ‘Shiry’ Elite Bomber, fighter size. Deadly and dangerous, eats cruisers on breakfast and frigates on desert.

[size=150]IDF File #3909384 - “Worlds Collide Chronicles: Intervention”[/size]
Col. Ofir: IDF Colonel Ofir Itzhak, asking permission to dock. ID code “Tav-Alef-Shesh-Shesh-Daled”.
IDF Metaverse Science Center: ID code accepted. Permission to dock granted. Welcome Colonel.
Col. Ofir: What’s the ETA for Nexus Gates?
IDF Metaverse Science Center: Nexus Gates between our NE13-X universe and unknown G5-17B universe will be stable in 45 minutes.
Col. Ofir: Thank you IMSC. I will take my time and drink a cup of coffee.
Col. Ofir: What you up to, XIM?
XIM: I will check up again configuration and calibration.
Col. Ofir: Nervous?
XIM: Little. First time flying through Nexus Gate to another universe.
Col. Ofir: All be ok, believe in yourself little more.
XIM: Probability of success is 98.577777%
Col. Ofir: Then I will go and grab my cup of coffee…

45 minutes later…
IDF Metaverse Science Center: Exploration ship “Metzah” be on stand by.
IDF Metaverse Science Center: Nexus Gates between NE13-X and G5-17B stable. Permission to jump granted.
Col. Ofir: XIM, how much time will take for to get to Nexus Gates on Rift Drive?
XIM: 18173621 milliseconds…
Col. Ofir: Approximately… in hours…
XIM: approximately 5 hours…
Col. Ofir: Warm up the Rift Drive and let’s rock!
XIM: Rift Drive active in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Jump!

4 and half hours later…
XIM: Unidentified spaceship signatures detected!
Col. Ofir: Whaaat!? How much?
XIM: 7. According to scanners probably 5 probes and 2 frigates.
Col. Ofir: Cool down the Rift Drive and activate Cloaking Device.
XIM: Already done.
Col. Ofir: Let’s come closer.
XIM: They are on visible.
Col. Ofir: Black hulls… Purple engine exhaust… Never seen these… Not even in database…
XIM: This ship’s form… It looks like an AI design type…
Col. Ofir: Hmm… I know only 3 AI races… yours race XIM - AIM, Project “Outlive” and UCS.
XIM: And none of them have such ships… Maybe it’s rouge AI?
Col. Ofir: Can’t be… Such things monitored…
XIM: Hmm…
Col. Ofir: What?
XIM: They broadcasting something on all frequencies whole time non-stop…
Col. Ofir: What they saying?
XIM: I will try… “…e…e…T…ou…ll…e…lea…ed…”
Col. Ofir: It’s Gibberish, even Chinese will be easier to understand…
XIM: I will give it another try… “…We are Uni-T - You will be cleansed…”
Col. Ofir: OH SHI~!
XIM: What!?
Col. Ofir: Send to Supreme Commander Ashkenazi a message about invasion with all information!
XIM: Already done!
Col. Ofir: There are only 7 ships, we can gun them down easily. Let’s test out our brand new 95mm Rapid Rail Accelerator!
XIM: Let’s rock! Disengaging Cloaking Device! Playing soundtrack “Judas Priest - Metal Meltdown”! HAAAA!

In same time at IDF Global Command Center…
G.C. Mercer: What do you intend to do David? Close the Nexus Gates?
S.C. Ashkenazi: We can do it forcibly in instant, but there is 100% probability that G5-17B will collapse in to singularity point.
S.C. Ashkenazi: And it will be wrong to do without knowing who or what on other side of Nexus Gates beside these Uni-T…
G.C. Mercer: So?
S.C. Ashkenazi: So, we will destroy the invading forces and go to the other side, maybe somebody have there problems in dealing with Uni-T too…
S.C. Ashkenazi: I will make an announcement on all frequencies…
G.C. Mercer: I will begin preparing too…

“…My dear and favorite Independent Defense Force! From today we’re changing state to CODE RED.
Space trash decided, that it cleanses galaxy! Let’s explain to them, that its only acceptable if you do it on your own lawn!..”[/size]
[size=85] - Announcement. Supreme Commander, David Ashkenazi. 24.09.3241[/size][/i]

[size=95]Small explanation of some words:
AIMs - Artificial Intelligence Machines, that for some reason have same or almost same personality as captains of same ships. Process of creation is classified.
IDF Ships - All IDF ships are controlled by two members AIM and IDF Captain. This combination gives to ship precision of a computer and unpredictability of a human.
G.C. - IDF military rank Global Commander, one rank lower then Supreme Commander. You got it right, “this” Alex Mercer is Global Commander of Independent Defense Force ^-^

[size=150]IDF File #17623 - “Metasigna: Basic Understanding”[/size]
[size=95]Basic Explanation:
Planet ===> Star System ===> Galaxy ===> Universe ===> Metasigna (Chain of Worlds)

More Advanced:

  • All we know that star system consist from planets.
  • Also we know, that galaxies are star systems, that gathered close one to each other in one places.
  • Universe itself is world, with galaxies, drifting planets, space dust, asteroids, comets, black holes, worm holes and other random chaotic and anomalous things and stellar bodies.
  • Universe isn’t infinite, it’s finite! It’s bubble or other round shape of enclosed dimension(s) in to infinite shell of inter-connections, which makes it look like infinite. For example, if ships enters the one “end” of universe it exists from the opposite side relative to “end’s” coordinates.
  • Metasigna, it’s my own word for the “Chain of Worlds”. Basically all worlds exist and always moving in infinite dimension/space called Abyss, that is very basic zero particles (atoms, molecules, call it what you like) of creation. When Abyss Particles come in contact with something formed, they just turn it to Abyss, or in another words - completely destroy.
  • There is a little chance of naturally established temporary connection tunnel between universes, and it’s called Nexus Tunnel, and points of entrance/exit are called Nexus Gates. But some races have enough advanced technologies to create stable Nexus Tunnel between universes. There is a legends, that some ships can travel through Abyss without Nexus Tunnels and without being damaged or destroyed… Probably some Ancient or Epic ship… If you will meet up with one… Don’t bother, just run and pray this thing won’t go after you… Khm, so a little more technical details about Nexus Tunnels. They are indestructible, but can be closed or collapsed. If Nexus Tunnel is closed in natural or unnatural but stable way, nothing bad will happen. But also Nexus Tunnel can be closed rapidly, in other words - collapsed, and consequences will be dramatic for one of universes, probably for one, that doesn’t have these very advanced technologies. Yes, universe will be collapsed/annihilated/exterminated/destroyed/nullified by Abyss, that enters in it. It can happen in several milliseconds, but also it can take millenias… Sounds familiar, no? Abyss is chaotic and unreasonable thing you know…

Now, little technical info about Metasigna:

Dimensional Factor - relative coordinates of dimensional intersection point to IDF’s universe, relative X/Y/Z, showed in lambda-meters…
Temporal Point - relative temporal speed of target universe, dissipation speed of past/existence speed of present/synchronization speed of future, showed in chronoseconds.
Relative Coordinates - relative coordinates of IDF’s universe movement factor to target universe, Vertical Factor/Horizontal Factor, ranges are 0~360 for each one, showed in vector meters.
Vision Factorial - at which degree, relative to “Relative Coordinates” IDF’s core “sees” the target and vice-versa.
Absolute Timeline - absolute existence timeline of IDF’s universe in currents of Abyss dimension. Must be more than zero for universe to exist. Showed in metachronons.[/size]

[size=150]IDF File #3909399 - “Worlds Collide Chronicles: On the other side of G5-17B”[/size]
[size=95][i]5 days after the Uni-T. IDF Fleet arrives to Nexus Gates at G5-17B…
VIC: Flagship “Netzach” arrived.
VIC: Fleet arrived too. Transportation took exactly 17 hours.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Aren’t to much to fly through the Nexus Tunnel?
VIC: No, this Nexus Tunnel was really long…
S.C. Ashkenazi: Interesting. Can you scan through this universe?
VIC: Already on it.
S.C. Ashkenazi: How much time it will take?
VIC: More than I expected… And more then you expected… And all of us…
S.C. Ashkenazi: Is, there any problems?
VIC: Yes… No… Well, this universe type… Is… Worlds Collide…
S.C. Ashkenazi: Can you show it?
VIC: Already. Watch it…
S.C. Ashkenazi: Fascinating… Worlds Collide… With over 60 universe types just in one universe…
VIC: Size…
S.C. Ashkenazi: Dimensional Size… What the… ~8,009,559… It means 8,009,559,322,455 LY3!?
VIC: Yep… Approximately…
S.C. Ashkenazi: Worlds Collide… And this size… This universe definitely were created… It isn’t natural.
VIC: That’s what I think too. We’ve never seen Worlds Collide of such great size. It just can’t be naturally formed.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Yes, I remember, Worlds Collide itself is anomaly, very stable, but anomaly.
VIC: And the biggest Worlds Collide we’ve ever seen was 10 universe type with dimensional size only of ~89,000.
S.C. Ashkenazi: How much It will take for you to scan through it?
VIC: About 4 days…
S.C. Ashkenazi: And if use ALL calculation power?
VIC: Disabling Netzach’s all Offensive and Defensive capabilities? Not worth it… It will reduce scan time for 7 hours.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Yep… Really won’t worth and just very bad idea.
VIC: Voice of sanity?
S.C. Ashkenazi: Don’t know such thing…
VIC: As always…
S.C. Ashkenazi: It’s time to choose our next plan of actions.
S.C. Ashkenazi: VIC, design defense outpost network, we don’t need unnecessary guests in our universe.
VIC: Work already in progress.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Major Isaac, investigate light electromagnetic field not far from here, gather data on universe’s technology level if possible.
Mjr. Isaac: Yes sir.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Captain Stanislaw, go with Mjr. Isaac and cover him. Isaac will be in command. If something aggressive shows up, shoot it.
Cpt. Stanislaw: Understood.
S.C. Ashkenazi: If something dangerous shows up, don’t hesitate and don’t play heroes, retreat fast. Fly safe friends!
Mjr. Isaac & Cpt. Stanislaw: Yes sir. Thank you Supreme Commander.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Admiral Moshe, take people you need and install Defensive Outpost Network around Nexus Gates according to VIC’s design.
Adm. Moshe: Roger that.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Everybody who left without job. Enable LD-Suppressors, IS-Suppressors & MP-Suppressors, we don’t need surprises, stop enemy 200km before it even arrives.
IDF Fleet: Sir, yes sir!
VIC: Lambda Suppressors? Interstellar Suppressors? Multiphase Suppressors? Are you sure that somebody have here LD & MP technologies?
S.C. Ashkenazi: Call it intuition. And I don’t like a feeling of it…

7 hours later. Defense Outpost Network complete at 19%…
VIC: “Niiral” & “Sever” are returning. No visual damage. NIL & VEN confirmed, status GREEN.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Isaac, did you found something interesting?
Mjr. Isaac: More than enough.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Tell me.
Mjr. Isaac: We found a battlefield… Or what left of it… There were two design of ships on it, one were black, the other were blue, probably humanoid design.
S.C. Ashkenazi: So there were fighting two races. First ones Uni-T, second ones some humanoid race. Equipment?
Mjr. Isaac: That’s most interesting part. From first sight it was old Laser Cannons, Plasma Cannons, Magnetism-based Shields, Titanium Armor, Nuclear Reactors…
VIC: So just low level technology?
Mjr. Isaac: Wait, thats not everything… Then we found IS-Drives, and just that, there even were Fighter-sized IS-Drives, and they were built-in.
VIC: Having such low technology level, how they could have an Interstellar Drive technology?
Mjr. Isaac: That’s the question of the week…
S.C. Ashkenazi: Thank you for your hard work Isaac, you and Stanislaw can go and take a rest. If you think you missed something important, don’t let it bother you, you always can tell it to VIC.
Mjr. Isaac: Understood. Thank you sir.
S.C. Ashkenazi: Something somewhere went terribly wrong…
VIC: Exactly. This universe holds too much secrets to left them unrevealed…

After 36 hours Defense Outpost Network were completed. And IDF began their new venture in to the unknown universe.
Will they find here new friends and allies, or will they meet only enemies?..[/i][/size]

[size=150]IDF File #22132 - “Technological Limited Information: IS, LD, MP Drives”[/size]
[size=95]Interstellar Drives - very first generation of FTL (Faster Then Light) Drive technology. Even though it’s very first generation of IS-Drives just advanced, without “very”, minimization of IS-Drives is very advanced technology (don’t worry IDF past). Because some civilization, even with more advanced weapon, energy and armor technologies have been able to install IS-Drives only on capital ships with size of 1,000m+

Lambda Dimension Drive - lambda dimension is dimension with 3,4 metrics and very minimized scalar relativeness. It’s used to travel between planet, star systems and galaxies, much faster then original IS-Drive. While IS-Drive have exact speed like 2.5 ly/h, LD-Drives doesn’t have one. This distance traveled in Lambda Dimension equals to square of distance traveled in normal dimension, in formula inormal=(S)lambda2[/i], while traveling only 900 m in lambda dimension, you’ve already traveled 810 km in our universe.

Multiphase Drive - also it’s called Rift Drive, one of IDF’s greatest achievements. It has two modes, combat mode & travel mode. In combat mode Rift Drive allows do small jumps around target without creating inter-dimensional rifts between two coordinates, allowing ship to evade even most precise hits in instant. And in travel mode Rift Drive opens inter-dimensional rifts in two points, turning them in to same location in current time-space flow for some time. Ship travels these 100 meters through the rift, and viola, it’s on other side, traveled 1000’s light years in instant. Then both rifts are closed. Opening long-term rift in natural space can be dangerous for stability of universe. For long-term rifts existent system called Rift Gates, that allows opening long-term rifts without any danger. If rift isn’t used, after 300 seconds is automatically closed.[/size]

[size=150]IDF File #17549 - “The Abyss: Basic Conception Explanation”[/size]
[size=95]The one main and absolute conception of Abyss - it’s absolute chaos. In other words, absolute disorder and always contradictions to any physical laws available, thus making them useless for understanding of conception of Abyss.

In one of my posts, I’ve already explained that universe it is a bubble or other round shape of enclosed dimension(s) in to infinite shell of inter-connections to exist in Abyss. Universe can be formed in natural way, or can be constructed. Yes, you not misread, universe can be formed naturally in Abyss.

Abyss itself is single multidimension (one dimension with limitless dimensions within it) with negative metrics (like -3, -12,6 => for each Abyss Particle dimensional metrics are always negative and always different, you will never find two Abyss Particles with same dimensional metrics), absence of stable movement vector (every chronon, movement vector of Abyss Particles changes and again for each particle it’s different) in addition these particles never collide with each other by themselves. That means, every positive value, every particles that consist in some hierarchy (like structure of Iron => core consist of neutrons and protons and orbited by electrons) are instantly destroyed/dispersed/nullified/converted (to Abyss Particles) when come in contact with Abyss Particles, while Abyss Particles are left intact and unchanged or even increased in their amounts.

In other words, even most advanced armor composites will be destroyed in instant and even most advanced shields, that could withstand impact of a stellar converter beam, will be dispersed in instant by Abyss Particles. Something that effective against weapons, won’t be effective against Abyss, because Abyss - it’s not weapon, it’s different form of existence itself, that is complete opposite to stable laws and formulas.[/size]

[size=95]Chronon - minimal time unit. Every chronon new amount of parallel universes (do not misunderstand with Metasigna) equals to amount of current parallel universes multiplied by sum of amounts of available actions and choices for each universe. It’s standard theory that shows all variants of consequences with all variants and combinations of choices.[/size] (U[size=60]TOTAL[/size])[size=85]new[/size]=(U[size=60]TOTAL[/size])[size=85]current[/size]*∑(U[size=60]ACTIONS/CHOICES[/size]).

[size=150]IDF File #93637 - “Technological Limited Information: Influence on Abyss Particles”[/size]
[size=95]After 3 years of research, IDF managed to find 2 ways and invent 1 way of influence on Abyss Particles:

Repulsion - Very first way of influence on Abyss Particles, that IDF found just by researching structural methodology of universes. It’s also natural way of survival of any universe in Abyss. But repulsion of Abyss Particles makes them collide with each other, causing high amplitude dimensional fluctuations between in all directions, thus by making it very easy to track down the source of Abyss Particles fluctuations. This is very way, that IDF detects another universes. Because of easiness of detection of universes’ natural repulsion ability, there is very high probability that other races with very advanced technologies can detect this way of influence on Abyss. Still in order to reproduce universe’s Repulsion Ability immense amounts of generated power are required.

Nullification - Second way of influence on Abyss Particles, that IDF found. After researching Abyss Particles negative value, IDF found that they can be nullified with clear energy. But this way proved to be very expensive and ineffective because of two reasons. First reason: amount of Abyss Particles is unlimited, and if some of them are nullified, there are always new ones to take their place, in addition ship must emit simultaneously almost infinite amount of energy around itself to nullify particles, let’s not forget that emission of energy had to be faster then expansion of Abyss Particles, even though Einsof Reactors easily could be used to emit these amounts of energies non-stop, it isn’t worth it because of the second reason. Second Reason: post-impact of Abyss Particles. When ship moves through Abyss using Nullification, it leaves “trail” of emptiness, that VERY FAST filled with Abyss Particles. These Abyss Particles collide very powerfully, and their fluctuations that are created so powerful, that probably even God could hear it (in other words dimensional amplitude of these fluctuation are 4 or 7 times greater, then of repulsed fluctuations’), it means that very far away races probably will try to find source of these fluctuations… Well and probably not everybody will be friendly to the fluctuations’ source… Well at least IDF already tracked some noisy fluctuations on quite distance from their NE13-X… but they are rare. This way of influence probably will be easily accessible by races with advanced technologies that can meet power requirements of it to use.

Suspension - Third way of influence on Abyss Particles, that was invented by IDF, yes - not found, but created from zero on completely another theory. Also this way of influence started a couple of completely new technology branches in IDF Technology Tree, one of them - NGT^3 (Nexus Gate-Tunnel Transportation Technology). One of the basic physical theories, all particles/waves can be in one of two main states: active and dormant. On the third year of researches about Abyss Particles, IDF scientists made their first experiment: freezing the Abyss Particles. Experiment was successful, for it was used very complex structure of zero particle/wave combination (invented by IDF too) with absolute absence of physical laws and chaotic activity. After that, these particle/wave combination got name Absolute Zero Emission and later was used to explain Absolute Compatibility Law of natural Nexus Gates. Absolute Zero Emission allowed IDF to suspend any process of anything: expansion, reduction, creation, destruction. Even the time itself could be suspended partly or totally. Same effect it was giving on Abyss Particles. Most simple Absolute Zero Emission System i[/i] allowed to be configured to work only with one type of particles/waves in same time, later there were created more advanced and complex AZES that could work simultaneously with more then one type particles/waves. This gave to IDF’s ships absolute protection against Abyss Particles and ability available only to Flagships & Worldships to travel through the Abyss without creating fluctuations at all. AZES for traveling much more complex and expensive then AZES for protection, for traveling in Abyss were required complete integration of AZES in to ship’s core & hull and it’s very expensive thing to do, while AZES for protection could be easily minimized to size of 1cm and were really cheap and could be implanted in to body without any problems. In addition there was detected one very interesting effect: if suspension of Abyss Particle is disabled, while it were suspended inside any material, it disappears completely without damage to material itself. After being used to explain Absolute Compatibility Law of natural Nexus Gates, advancing in this directions gave to IDF ability to generate Nexus Gates, only IDF’s specialized Stations, Flagships and Worldships are capable of doing it. This technology doesn’t requires much energy as much complex it is, and as far IDF know, themselves are only one race that have this tech, because whole technological branch was completely based on previous IDF researches and inventions.[/size]

Looks really promising. I look forward to see this mod develop. Also, I’m in love with that modules icons - where did you get them? They are absolutely awesome. Ships look great too. Is IDF going to be very high tech or cheap-but-numerous race?

Well, well, well! This mod swung into the forum without a hint of warning. What a nice surprise this weekend. :slight_smile:

Kudos to you for such an unusual backstory and intriguing techs. I’m looking forward to watching this mod grow. Feel free to ask us for advice if you get hung up on various aspects of creating GSB mods.

Oh, and the name of all this…the “IDF”? [-chuckle-] Nice. Is it at all possible to justify warship crews of cute laser-wielding sabra babes? :wink: If so, I’m all over this new content. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, this is a great “freshman” effort – keep up your present high standard, but don’t let it bog you down in too much detail. Mods that never get done make us all verklempt, you know?

High-tech and very expensive… One gunship (big fighter) costs about ~500, pack of 16 will cost you ~8000 :slight_smile:
Well icons were originally ripped by me from EVE Online years ago. And by adding to these old icons Photoshop CS5 we got brand new icons for GSB :slight_smile:

Well… this unusual backstory was inspired by Darkstar’s Uni-T :slight_smile:

awesome ships with awesome colour scheme and awesome engineglows. ontop of that you have these awesome modules.

all of this stuff is backed up with an interesting backstory.

friend, i think you have found the recipe to awesomesause! :smiley:

Omg awesome! =D =D
Then, advanced civilizations from another universe came through those “nexus gates” and recieved the “friendly” welcome of the Uni-T?
Sounds awesome, did they are going to swich to aggresive tactics against any GSB Universe races? Or are they going to help to the Union to destroy the Uni-T?
More important, what they want from “our” universe??

I just can’t wait to see what is going to happen now =D

Btw, AWESOME graphics!

Awesomesauce… Nice :D, tried my best :smiley:

Tank you :smiley:

Well IDF encountered Uni-T in their universe (NE13-X), it means probably Nexus Gates in G5-17B opened too near to Uni-T planets/sentries/whatever they have, and sure Uni-T sent recon fleet, to check up for a new garbage to clean :). And that means, IDF will come out in G5-17B in territories swarming with Uni-T :smiley:

For now they quite aggressive against Uni-T. Will they be against other races… Well it depends from “other” races. By the way, IDF hate psyched out fanatics and complete tyrant totalitarians… So probably not every race in G5-17B will be able to be friends with IDF :slight_smile:

Mainly IDF it’s peaceful exploration civilization, that searches for sentient life forms and tries to establish contacts. Don’t ask me why Exploration Frigates are equipped with 95mm Rapid Rail Accelerator, Civilian Transports looks like Assault Dropships and Trade Freighters have same amount of guns as Dreadnought :slight_smile:

Happen something awesome. Also Praetorian Industries will be part of this showdown when they will be ready, they will have it’s on sector on G5-17B starmap too, which I will draw in near future :slight_smile:

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Excellent graphics, well-thought-out faction identity, intriguing backstory…

I’d say you’re scoring very high on all scales! I’ll be keeping an eye out for more developments here, waiting until the time is right to … DOWNLOAD! (cue dramatic tympani rhythm)

Seriously, this looks stellar. Looking forward to it!

In near future, I will create Star Map for G5-17B Universe… It will be huge Star Map with epic scales of epic proportions (I really don’t know what I meant here)…

Races, that will be present on this Star Map:

Nobody against it? :slight_smile:
Now it’s up to us to come up with interesting story that gives action to everything :smiley:

Also, do not worry about battlefield backgrounds, I’ve got about 96 star themed wallpapers suitable for it… well say 86 of them is useful for this, because other 10 are just view “from planets” - not something suitable for battle :slight_smile:

Uni-T doesnt really have territory under their control, they just have cleanup patrols of various sizes scouring the sector for trash to clean up. Although from time to time if the trash levels are high enough in a sector or the garbage is proving to be quite difficult to recycle - central base of operation will be established to create more ships to increase efficency of the cleanup operation.

Because lets face it - Its not an easy task trying to clean up garbage that is shooting at you !

(Cen2050 can correct me where i am wrong)
In contrast Union have a homeworld from which they operate and have several recon groups looking for Unity Central bases of operations, once found the main armada is deployed to forcibally shut down the Node.

the thing about the deserters is that they dont have a “terretory”

they are inside the “Reva Nebula”:

the empire once had an advanced research complex here. they kept it hidden from everyone, even themselves. not even the emperor knew where this complex was. it went dead hundreds of years ago, when its signal suddenly stopped.

the Deserters went to this nebula to hide from the order, who was sending out entire fleets to find them. they found this long lost complex and decided to stay.

the complex is made up of multiple stations, surounded by smaller outposts by the edge of the nebula.

Great nebula Ponyus! It will be added to overall universe picture and officially named “Reva Nebula” :slight_smile:

This is what makes to be territory under control of Uni-T :slight_smile:

I didn’t understood it fully… Union consist from parts of other races that was agreed to join forces in order to fight against the Uni-T? Because, as I understood all other races’ principles, there is always will be somebody, that will be against the unification of races because of personal profits/beliefs/interests/etc.

Hmm, i guess homeworld is the wrong name - Sanctuary would be closer discription

Not so long ago,
in a sector that is close by . . .

RIse of the Resolute

" . . The Hibernia System was remote by most standards which is why it made an excellent home base for the Union to set up shop in. Beings from all over the galaxy fled there from the ever expanding war. No race was unwelcome. Even beings from the Swarm and Nomads occasionally decided to settle down and leave the fighting behind. . . "

Thank you, now I understood :slight_smile:

ohh nice, so, it will be a map that covers a galaxy or a sector of the GSB universe?
About Praetorian Industries in the starmap, in my post you have the territory that covers PI and how they protect it, i suggest to put those 4 starsystems group called Argena Cluster on a non-populated to barely populated are of the galaxy, prefereably with the empire as closest race (Cuz PI is having more conflicts with the empire than with any other race).

Now, making a starmap with the location of the non-knowed and super top secret territory and bases may be dangerous for PI, do i have to kill you? =P

I am ‘especially’ looking forward to this map. Thank you Warstalker, and godspeed. :slight_smile:

This map will cover whole GSB universe :slight_smile:

I think, it’s about time to reveal, how look IDF spaceships, and what classes they have. Enjoy :slight_smile:

as i said, the colour scheme is awesome. is it based on any real army camouflage?

is that parasite parts in there? :smiley:

Yep, universal-type camouflage, used mainly just to show that “we” are military and not civilians, never used in field and for war…

nope :smiley: