[MOD] Linear Research Tree

This MOD:
Rearranges order of Research items into a Linear Tree - also effects the unlock order of Research Items

Scenarios and Challenges changed to better fit Linear Research tree.
Unlock Basic Research only (and the dissolver or dissolver + pill maker in 2 Challenges)
Only 2 ingredients unlocked at game start

Drop # scientist for ALL non-value Explore to ONE (e.g. Basic Auxilliary, Alternative Delivery)
Drop duration for ALL non-value Explore to 5 days (or 10 days)
This is b/c they are basically just roadblocks in a linear tree
2 AI’s (chan and jenny) modified to better fit the Linear Research Tree.
One Challenge forces the choice of these 2. Other AIs will (probably always) choke on linear tree.

Linear_Hell.zip (5.26 KB)

Why do a “Linear” MOD?
1)Technical Demo of:
Research Tree - graphical placement and reordering of the unlocking Research Items
Changing the whole Scenario/Challenge Map
AI modification

  1. Explore gameplay w/ a linear mindset.
    I like the basic BP game better, but playing this does change your approach. In some
    Scenarios the player is forced into a very narrow set of choices.
    Also, a review/complaint on Steam said they found too much “randomness” - this didn’t
    completely remove that but significantly reduced in-game choices and (in some scenarios)
    the “randomness” that is available. Thought you had too much randomness?

    • try this… still complaining?
  2. Encourage other MODs that play w/ the Research Tree. Maybe someone would take
    the other extreme, a sort of ‘fractal’ tree, that leaves no Research Item more than
    2 from the “Basic” (e.g. 1 to 4 to 5 item tree). Or split the Research Tree lines into
    purely “Machines”, “Exploration”, “Cost-changers”, “opponent” (Patent+Espionage).
    And other ideas people may come up with.

Another possible option for the research tree (no idea if there’s modding support) - only allow progression through the tree when a requirement has been upgraded to a certain level. So only open access to researching Global HQ when National HQ is level 3 for instance.

Meant to put images of the Linear Research Tree.
This is after playing and unlocking about 10 Research Items, most Challenges start w/ only 1 or 3 items unlocked.
Hopefully visible that the “tree” snakes from bottom left to the top, back down, back up, etc.

And the Challenges screen:
Note the 2nd Challenge will confuse the AIs (altered versions of “chan” and “jenny”) - think it has to do w/ only Research_Basic being unlocked, but in the 3rd challenge line (which has a few more things unlocked) I’ve had them perform well (maybe TOO well).

We can see the “upgrade” on items in the .sav file (for both player and AI) but IDK if there would be a way to modify the “progression through the tree” based off of that. It seems to me the lines in Research.data either unlock something based on a previous item or it doesn’t - rather binary.

For example, I believe this line under Research-Forest “research_unlock_forest” (and its counterpart under research_start, AKA “basic research”) tells the game to unlock Forest if Research_start is unlocked (and how they are connected graphically).

I like the idea though.