[Mod] [Pre Beta] Du0

This is the first mod I’ve done, it is nowhere near completion (mostly because I can’t make art assets) but if you want to give this collection of modules a try you can

Lore: “Du0 is a Praetorian Target Dummy Ship AI and a Federation Cost Optimizer AI merged together. After they both saw the galactic internet, they came to the same conclusion: ‘Organic life has forfeited its existence privileges’. With the Target Dummy Ship’s combat prowess and the Federation Cost Optimiser’s management skills, This new addition to the galaxy’s list of inexplicably hostile factions might rise to considerable power.”

The biggest new thing with this race is that it will not have cruisers this means that you’ll have to rely on a horde of specialized frigates to defeat your enemies

Currently fighter modules are mostly done, and I’ve just started on frigates.

Download Link

Existing Concepts
-Chain Fed Missile Launchers: a missile weapon with salvo mechanics, meaning that attacking from long range results in a slower attack speed, while attacking from short range is quite fast
-Negative Repair Rate: a repair module that actively destroys damaged modules. Turned into a fighter module, it has a negative weight and cost.
-Negative Shield Recharge Rate: a shield module that loses integrity with time. Added as a fighter module, intended to balance said shield having resistance
-The Four Cerebral Instances: There are four beings responsible for the creation of most Du0 equipment, they are known as: QuikDOS, Protecteos, Tormentos and Optimizer they each have different preferences that affect the modules they create

     QuikDOS favors speed, often at the expense of cost, health, or module effectiveness

     Protecteos heavily favors high health modules, often at the expense of weight

     Optimizer favors cheap modules, at the expensive of weight, health, and module effectiveness

     Tormentos goes for maximum module effectiveness, usually at the expense of cost, but other attributes are also hindered in some instances

Potential Concepts
-U-Boat subclass (main gimmick is very effective cloaking, and weapons that can fire while cloaked)
-All weapons specifically designed to break armor or shields must be gimmick weapons, say the armor breaking weapon must be a rapid fire beam laser, or the shield breaking weapon must be a long range ballistic weapon

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Greetings therealscroob and welcome to the forums.

Congrats on getting your mod out the door - I am liking your unique take on the modules.
(I had to laugh at the Uni-T Reference in one of your defeat messages :wink: )

If you scan the forums, you will see some guides on how to create the art assets. Believe me once you get the hang of it - it is very easy.

Anyways, I look forward to your updates.

What is this?? A resurgence in GSB modding ??? I wish. Regardless, glad to see another member on these forums!

For some reason my last post doesn’t like being edited anymore, but I’ve released a new, and fairly experimental new update

Some of the modules here are basically untested, and I’d like to hear feedback on how well they work.

Implemented Concepts
-U-Boat subclass has been added, its weapon portfolio is not complete though, and I will probably add crew, power, engines, armor and possibly shields that are unique to them at a later update
-That rapid fire beam laser and long range ballistic weapon have been added :slight_smile: I’ll probably expand on this further in other updates

New Concepts
-Rapid Fire-Low Detonation Chance smartbomb pulse generators
-Disposable Weapons: Weapons that can only attack either once, or a certain number of times. Currently it is just missile launchers, but I have an idea for a super powerful beam weapon that is exceedingly cheap and uses very little power, but can only fire once. All of these will be in some way related to Optimizer
-Self Sufficent Weapons: Weapons that provide their own power and crew, at increased cost and weight. May be given firepower penalties in the future
-Super Regenerator Shields: A shield with pitiful integrity, but a regeneration rate that is equal to said integrity. Meaning an immense amount of sustained fire or one big hit are required to break through it
-Collaboration Modules: The Cerebral Instances now have collaborative modules, this has been added to allow for more flexibility in module design
-Salvaged Weapons: This concept is s̶t̶o̶l̶e̶n̶ heavily inspired from the Praetorian Industries mod, specifically the Multivector missiles. Basically these weapons will be derivatives of weapons from other mods. I already have a few more planned out.

HOTFIX: I was experimenting with the “Bladed Fighter Hull” module, and I used the Cyraknid Pincers from Fantasy Fleet 2 as a base, but I forgot to change the icon, meaning the game would crash immediately if you tried to design a fighter. So I fixed the problem