Mod 'Russia 2013'

Hello everyone!
I would like to create mod ‘Russia 2013’. I need your help in some questions:

  1. How can i create Tax on mining to use it as main resource of state revenues? I think add it as new policy by changing mod’s file ‘policies’. There are need change of economic model. I don’t know sufficiently economic model of this game.
  2. How can i create specific situations which can be used ONLY for my mod? After reading modding guidline I have noticed that file ‘situations’ is common for all mods.

1.The policy seems the most simple solution. Another solution would be to create a “Mining sector” solution and a bunch of policies on it: safety, mining subsidies, mining tax, mining restrictions and so on. Some events about mining incidents could also be cool like the mining accident in Chili in 2010. Should you take that road
You might want to try out the disaster mod and the policies pack on the steam workshop. Compatibility with it could be very interesting…

2.It’s currently impossible. Cliffski only made it possible for policies so far. Although, you could do what plankicorn did in his South Korea mod. Add specific simulations and say it clearly in the mod description. People can play it and then uninstall your mod to play other countries.

Thank you! I think so as you. I am making specific situations are real for Russia. I hope it will be interesting but it need a lot of tests for balance :slight_smile: