[MOD] The Hope (WIP)- Spam/Off-topic-ness Allowed

Mmm… I got a feeling, that apart from 9~12 vanilla races on G5-17B map, there will be something like 20~30 other races, that quite happy to fight each other :slight_smile:

May I remind you that the Hope can easily build another Nexus Gate and that the Vindicator can’t hit what it can’t find (ever heard of decoy ships?). The majority of your ships will be firing away at ships that can do you no damage for over half of the battle while the real ship grinds away at the unsuspecting opposing party.

Again, not to the OP, you guys are planning to buy extremely super powerful races, remember to balance them, or your mods will be fastly used, and in a short time…discarded. Anyways you already know this, sorry for begin annoying, i have my opwn issues with OP…

@Randy: I suggest to leave the Nexus Gates Control Tech to IDF, also i suggest you to think on an alternative… maybe an equivalent or the counterpart of Nexus Gates? :wink:

Aint that the truth. A long time ago i tested the leviathan class for Randy - i hastly patched up Destiny and placed it against my toughest challange - Here we see how Uni-T throw everything it had - however in the end it was like a fly taking on your windshield.

My Hope is that you tone it down this time Randy . .

Already have one- rift generators (in the history). Cheaper and quicker than Nexus Gates… <could probs say something sexual here… but I’ll show some self-restraint for the sake of the new guy. Don’t wanna corrupt any young minds ;P>

^cute (intentional or unintentional?)
Don’t worry, the enemy will be just as powerful. I might also make a second version of the race that is actually balanced against the vanilla races once the main one is done.

Yeah, while the bad joke was intentional - i still do hope that you will make a version that is balanced against the vanilla ships / weapon.

LOL and WOOOOOOW, my gawd… its just insanely big, to be expected if it comes from randy xD

Also, you cannot how happy i’m with your last post:

i will be waiting for that second version. :slight_smile:

Just a warning, you [size=200]will not[/size] want to face up against my missions with the second, vanilla balanced version.

From the [Discussion] Why does OP mod content happen? since we are talking about “The Hope” Mod.

And, Destiny has survived both battles, being the most complete Leviathan of the time and now being implemented into an

. Destiny will always triumph! It even has a glyph, written in the Hope’s native tongue:

On the bright side Randy, it should be fairly easy to balance out the completed Destiny. While i was conducting experiments on what we now know as Leviathan Class Ships / Weapons, i worked out how they can be balanced against the Vanilla Races.

After i finished that work for you, i proceeded to change a few parameters on the weapon systems. That same setup that wiped out Unity, lost againt the tutorial fleet :slight_smile:

Granted it took 35 minutes at x4 speed for victory and the resulting explosion of Destiny killed the tutorial ships - but it was a proof of concept.

Really ? the most complete leviathan of the time ?
and how did that come about Hmmmm ?

By “of the time”, I mean of the times of the “Leviathan Rising” times, not “now” times.

Weren’t the Leviathans of PI size=70[/size] and Deserters size=70[/size] already completed long ago? I think that you are omitting some information, my little troll… errr, modder =P

Nothing is Impossible . . for the Guru.
Think about it for a second - what could i change on the Destiny weapon systems back then, that would enable the tutorial fleet to win.

Conditions . .

  • i had to change the deployment area to fit the Destiny in the tutorial map.
  • i only used the Destiny turrets. (the ones that are big as cruisers !)

There is an answer. .
Its a simple answer . .

Fire rate? Accuracy? Range?

lol, impossible, how many tutorial ships died trying to face that titan? surely before the first 5 mins they were all dead…

Nah - this Patch job i did for Randy was last year, however it wasn’t long after the “who’s ship is bigger contest” began from which the PI Leviathans followed. My comment to Randy is that be careful when he brags how tough Destiny is - Because my patch job did not come with a warranty

So certain are you. Always with you it cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say?

So here is the full story.

A long time ago I helped Randy with his Mod. He sent me the incomplete Destiny Ship, a weapon system complete with a rather Epic Turret. My job was simple “make them work ingame.” Well as you saw in the above picture they worked and they worked well.

Now the problem with Destiny was it was so big that Vanilla weapon systems could not even fire across the hull, which ment the ship could be under fire yet its own weapons could not retaliate. However Randy had already thought of that.

The TriBarrel turrets Randy provided were nearly as large as a standard cruiser, and just as powerful. The maximum range on these Behemoth were around the 5000 mark. So i set their range to 2000.

By now you should have already worked out HOW the Tutorial Ships won.
As the tutorial ships warped in they started within the minimum range of Destiny turrets. So they just flew around and slooowly chipped away at its heath. At the time Destiny was powered by my prototype Doomsday Generator, hence when Destiny finally went supernova, the tutorial ships soon followed.

Sooooo - then this mod finally is released a fully armed Destiny should be worth quite a fair bit. However it would loose to a fleet of fast cruisers that can get within the minimum range of those Epic cannons

Then the only weak point of that monster is the minimun range of the main weaponry? Awesome! May be a bit hard with vainilla races, but PI can use the EX-Angelos equiped with various types of short range weaponry to defeat it! =D

Ow wait… what about the other turrents? Hope is going to have overpowered short ranged weapons? D:

EDIT: and i want to believe that that is not the final looking of the hull, or yes? (please noooo i want moar details!)

Darkstar, something else that’s much smaller than Destiny – yet epic in its own ways – can also get under that leviathan’s terrifying guns and give it the death of a thousand cuts. You know what I’m talking about. :wink: