[Mod] Unity v2.032 - A New Threat

[size=150]GSB - Public Service Anouncement.[/size]
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[size=120] The following races contained herein follow the philosophy of “To cruise softly and carry a Big Gun”. Much effort has gone into ensuring that these devastating weapons, modules and ships have been balanced against the core races through various methods and means. So please sit back and releax while all hell shall break loose as we let slip these dogs of WAR![/size]
[size=120]Uni:T 2.0 - A New Threat[/size]

“. . . We are Uni-T - You will be cleansed”
- Transmisson from unknown enemy fleet

This mod introduces the new Race called Uni-T (read: Unity) who only directive is to cleanse the Galaxy. The mod includes 29 new scenarios and a new survival missions to face off against this new threat.

Uni-T is a colective which is made up of the Prime Node and Sub Nodes. The Prime Node (who identifies itself as Uni-T) is comprised of Elite warships constructed by the Central Core. While the hulls are powerful and have access to a wide range of weapons they are very expensive to deploy in battle. The Sub Nodes (who seems to refer itself as Uni-T:viral) comprise of ships from other races which have been “recycled” into the collective and only pose a threat in large numbers.

Prerequisites for this mod:

  • GSB v1.55 (or higher)
  • DLC Races: Tribe, Order, Swarm, Nomads

Unity Mod v2.032 - Updated on 20 Apr 2011, 09:00 WST
To install, extract directly into your GSB install directory.
If your a Steam User c:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/gsb/
(if you have a previous version of this mod please delete the unit folder before installing)

For anyone that is running GSB on a Mac
Mod Uni-T v2.03 (Mac) - Updated on 03 Mar 2011, 20:00 WST
To install this version extract into your GSB\Contents\Resources\ folder.
(if you have a previous version of this mod please delete the unit folder before installing)

Mod DB - Mirror
Uni:T 2.0 - A New Threat

As Uni-T scourer’s its way across the galaxy, (to assist with the cleanup) sometimes Uni-T will infect space worthy debris bringing it under the Cleaning Collective control, forming a new SubNode Uni-T:Viral. In the past Viral sub nodes have been underpowered mainly due to the face that it is comprised of inferiors recycled hulls. However in recent times the Viral node has corrupted various dreadnought sized waste material along with a new set of hulls that were found littering deep space. End result - Uni-T Viral is now a bigger threat than ever.

Uni-T:Viral Addon
Requirements: GSB1.55 & All DLC (Nomads, Parasites, Tribe, Swarm)
The addon mod will a corrupted version of all the Vanilla shipsand the Classic Dreads to Uni-T Viral.
To install - extract into the GSB directory - Please Note YOU WILL NEED THE NOMADS DLC to make this addon work.

[size=120]Unity Vs Union:[/size]
For every Yin there is a Yang . .

" . . . The the combined technologies of our alliance we have developed the most powerful ships and technologies the galaxy has ever known, and we will need every scrap of that to defeat Unity . . "
From one of the awesome Stories written by Cen2050

No matter where you look, for every Hero there is a Villian - and for a time Uni-T ran unchecked across the cosmos. Until now.
Cen2050 has not only provided the GSB Community with that Hero but has also included an epic saga to go with it !

[size=120]Union v1.0[/size]

“… to the intellignce commanding Unity I have only this to say: go back to the trash heap you crawled out of or we will blast you back ourselves!”
- Admiral Robert Bianco

The Union Resistance Coalition (or more simply Union): is a collection of beings from all the major races of the war so far that have banded together to defeat Uni-T. Everyone in Union has been branded an outlaw, traitor and deserter because they have not only abandoned their home races or territories but are (according to their former commanders) cavorting with enemy species. It is because of this UNION of science, technology and thinking that the union has assembled a fleet of ships, weapons, and technologies beyond anything the galaxy has ever known.

Lead by plucky and daring Admirals Robert “Bob” Bianco and Andrew Smith, the Union is the only hope the galaxy has of defeating the Uni-T threat. This coalition of Federation, Empire, Rebels, Alliance, Tribe, Order and even Swarm beings is proof that absolutely ANYTHING is possible…even a lasting peace.

This mod you give you access to powerful new hulls and 2 new classes of turrets Siege and MOAT so wipe the threat of Unity from the Galaxy Forever:
To read the Union Story: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6468&p=48713#p48709

Union Mod v1.12 - by Cen2050

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Uni-T overwhelming firepower comes from the three new turret variants (complete with their own graphics)

While the Union may be outnumbered in every conflict but they are never outgunned. Union have access to Siege and MOAT class turrets.

Siege Turrets: Bigger, Better and Badder than your average turret.

M.O.A.T. Turrets: Half the size of a frigate these monsters will crush all that stand in your way

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Intel has reported that Uni-T has “recycled” captured ships into the collective, Captains are warned to be prepared for anything.

When fighting against Uni-T, it is advised to watch out for the Drones. They attack in swarms but are very fragile and are quickly destroyed once their structural integrity is compromised. The sizes vary from the small fighters that are fast and agile to the large corvettes that could carry enough firepower to rival a frigate.

The Union shipwrights have the advantage of combining the best technologies from across the galaxy. The final design may resemble the original, but that is where the similarity it ends.

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If you think Uni-T fleet is short on ships, then look no further

[Ships] Uni-T mod Expansion: Hybrids
by xeranes
xeranes download link is offline - but like with all mods i have helped people on, i kept a copy :slight_smile:
Download: mediafire.com/download.php?4aqrjy12jj4ql27
Install into your GSB directory

::RVM Mod::
There is a mod that removed all the vanilla modules / weapons from any mod race found here
If you have this mod installed you will need this patch
UniT RMV Patch.zip (156 KB)
To install just extract into the main GSB directory

I just re-released the minimod again - mainly because i forgot to alter the deployment locations for all the missions.
but i will have to release it again within the next week or so to incorporate the balance changes with 1.37

As for the BigGunz . .
I am slowly making my way through all the graphical changes
I will also have to readjust the weapon modules in this mod as well to incorporate the balance changes

Looking forward to this Darkstar!

Thanks, sorry for taking so long with this mod ^^;
I have to mod around 450 graphics to make this work
The tribe weapons are scheduled for this weekend . .

Darkstar, I’m really intrigued by your two mods in progress. Especially MiniGSB. Thank you for putting so much effort into the two of them; I appreciate it!

For awhile i thought i had bitten off more than i could chew when i started these mods :slight_smile:
Basically i can only work on the mod during my weekends (i work full time)

I am really hoping that the BigGunz mod will open up the tactical options for your ships and any other mods out there.
For example, a “Pirate Race Mod” might have an enemy deployment that consists of:

  • fast attack raider group armed with rapid fire weapons who close the gap quickly and attack at point blank.
  • Mid range heavy armed tanks that pound away and the line of skirmish
  • lightly armoured long range missile boats that fire from the relative safety behind the front lines.
  • and if you are using the mini mod option, A freakin huge juggernaut that dwarfs your fleet and kicks major hull - muhahahaha

Well, thats the aim anyways . .

wouldn’t you be able to make it so Frigates are in Squadrons now?

No, sorry, this BigGunz or miniGSB does not enable frigates to be used in squadrons.

But this one will (Jake Wedding - Special Order)

hi im using winzip to extract biggunz and i get this error. “Error unable to extract, the size of extracted file 349717 does not match 34960 recorded in zip file” please help i really want to try this mod, thanks

Sorry about that ^^; - I have reuploaded the file and checked both of them. They are good to go.

If there are any more problems or improvements i can make please let me know
Have Fun

thanks for quick response, it works now great mod.

i cant download BigGunz for some reason,tells me the page is unavailable when i click download on filefront
miniBigGunz works fine but i dont want to use that (doesnt resize modded in races cry)

i have got an error when i try to build a order ship. “Error Turret mapping not found [turret_limpett_ulx]==>[order]:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 222” all i did was scroll down on the weapon list and i got this error please help

The error is due to the heavy plasma beam weapons i added for the order.
I forgot to alter the turret mapping to account for these changes ^^;

I tried downloading the file and i got the same error.
While minimod will only shrink down the standard races, i can make plugins for popular mods that will shrink down the ships and add in the new turrets. I just need to know which mods I have to make plugins for (plus i need the authors permission)

Two birds one file
When i get to work i will re upload BigGunz (i really need a better name for this mod) Mainly since if i upload from here it will be corrupted.
This will fix the turret mapping and make the file downloadable again

how about Variable Weapon Systems? :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah i`ll wait for reupload,thanks

im basically using all “add extra race with awesome ships” mods,which atm atleast for myself is Scavenger,Legios,Star Wars and Tau`ri
might be a bit of a hassle tho,is there a way to globally reduce size on all ships?
also,maintaining this mod would be a horror since half of these are WIP mods and there will probably be more to come… it would be nice if people adopted the concept and started doing weapon variations for their own modded stuff,would certainly add a LOT to the fun factor :slight_smile:

At the moment, I am unaware of how you can globally resize all ships. I had to edit each text file mannually.

The problem with my mods as you have already guessed is that there is a knock on effect to other race mods.
You have to modify their weapon list as well to add the new turrets or the game crashes.
its easy to do - just copy a set of turrets from one of the biggunz race.txt and place in the new mod race
However it might not be what the author wanted for their particular mod

The only way around that is to restrict the new weapons to the original factions,
Problem is - the restrict option can only be used for one race.
Cliff would have to change the code in GSB to enable more than one race restriction.

Files have been reuploaded and tested.

thanks again for the quick fixes to your mod