[MOD][WIP] PΛNDORΛ: Flames of War (Not dead anymore!)


Time for a bit of an update.

I’ve been thinking about bringing this mod over to GSB2 at some point, and I recently bought that game and had a run about in it. However, I don’t really know if I would want to bring it into GSB2.

I really don’t like the way GSB2 does the ship customization. There aren’t many options, and those only amount to taking a very bland base hull and slapping bits onto it. It does offer quite nice visual effects, though. However, since you cannot change module positions on a hull or even create more module slots, it’s even more boring.

Because of this I currently have no plans to bring this mod over to GSB2. After Pandora is finished I may bring it over but as of now I have no plans to do so.

I also have started modeling a new ship, the Spartan Halcyon Class Frigate:


More progress on the Halcyon Frigate:


I have started work on a new Spartan ship, the Tranquility Class Cruiser:


The cruiser warships of the Tranquility class are the perfect example of a good design that never dies out. The Tranquility has proved wrong the idea that newer ships will always be better. In fact it does to that idea what it does to enemy ships - completely destroys it.

These fighting ships first entered service just over 1000 years ago, and have seen constant modernization and improvement ever since. The class was designed towards the middle of the First Athenian-Spartan war, and came into service at a crucial moment. Athenian forces had almost defeated the Spartans, and a small Spartan fleet stood opposed to the vastly larger Athenian force, which contained multiple fleets. The Tranquility had just been completed one week before the battle took place, and was rushed into combat readiness.

The Tranquility was the only cruiser left in the Spartan force, and stood ready at the front of the Spartan fleet. In order to catch the enemy off-guard, Admiral Arkadios of the Spartan fleet decided to make a last-ditch assault on the Athenians. The Tranquility and the remaining Spartan fleet warped to where the much larger Athenian force was waiting. Under most circumstances this would have resulted in a quick loss, and the Athenians would have made an easy victory.

However, technologically-speaking the new Tranquility cruiser was decades ahead of its time, and this factor made all of the difference.

The battle began simply enough, with the Spartans attacking the Athenian fleet. By way of using its massive railgun, the Tranquility drew first blood - the weapon destroyed an Athenian Cruiser in one shot. The Athenians were quick to react, and battle began.

The conflict lasted for five hours, and ended with a miraculous Spartan victory. The Tranquility destroyed hundreds of Athenian ships in the battle, and caused even more to rout out of fear. It seemed to the Athenians that the ship was undefeatable, and so many Athenians fled from battle that their fleet commanders had to stop punishing those who routed because otherwise they would lose a huge portion of their navy.

This large battle’s conclusion came when the Athenian dreadnought Konstantinos and the Tranquility duelled each other. Using its large railgun, the Tranquility destroyed the Konstantinos’ engines, then positioned itself behind the Athenian ship (where it could not aim any weapons) and proceeded to destroy its now-immobile opponent. The battle inspired fear not only in the Athenian military, but also in the hearts of the Athenian people. As a result of seeing their dreadnought so easily destroyed, two Athenian planets near the Spartan front surrendered without even having even fought.

Over time, the Tranquility found itself being sorely tested by increasingly modern designs. In order to avoid total obsolescence, the Spartan government choose to start the Tranquility Modernization Program. This project outlined a seemingly never-ending effort to modernize the Tranquility, even after the rest of the class had been removed from active service. Over the course of 1000 years, hardly any single component of the Tranquility is from the now-ancient original ship, though the basic shape and design remains the same. One notable difference between the modern design and the original is that due to being useless against shielded targets, the large railgun has been removed.

Now a millenium old, the Tranquility stands ready to serve in battle and shows every sign of being able to fulfill its role in the fleet. It may not be as powerful as it once was, but it still remains a reliable and threatening force on the battlefield. Sparta has recently restarted production of Tranquility-class ships, and they now are a common sight in battle. However, the ship for which the class is named is still the most feared of them all.

In the mod all ships will be a model of the historically first-built ship of the class; in this case, the original Tranquility.


i like those textuers


I’ve created a couple of new ships:

The Slinger Class Corvette:

The Archer Class Corvette:


any plans to move to gsb2?


Just 5 posts above your latest.


So, I probably could have had all those ships in the game by now, but I choose to remodel the Tranquility instead. I did this because I wasn’t that happy with the Tranquility I had made before, and I felt it could be vastly improved. I also decided that, since I make all the models fully made to be seen 3d for if I ever want to use them for something else, I should probably make one that won’t look like garbage compared to any other ships in whatever I’m using the models for.

I also recently picked up the Homeworld remastered collection, and I took some inspiration from some Kushan ships in Homeworld 1 for some of the details on this new model.

Note: The new model is currently WIP and I will be adding a lot more details and stuff on to it.

New Model:

Old Model (for comparison):


Well, it’s been a while since I posted any updates to this mod. there are quite a few reasons why, but I wont ramble on about all that. What I will say is that I will be resuming work on this, and I’m also going to be making some big changes, to just about everything. I should be able to do quite a lot, since ill be starting my winter break from school soon l, which means I have lots of time to work on this.

Now, as for the changes ill be making, I’m going to be changing around factions a bit, changing lore, and also going a lot.more in depth with said lore. One thing ill be doing is scaling back the number of factions, at least for now. That way I can focus on getting a solid core for the mod before expanding further. I will be doing quite a bit of writing for this - and it won’t just be one giant mass of text devoid of paragraphs.

I’d also like to get some opinions on something, in regards to the factions that will be present. Obviously, I based a lot of this mod on history, but should I use the names of these ancient places (Sparta, for instance) or should I come up with new names? Tell me what you think.

This time I don’t intend to just sort of…leave the mod to die. I know that nodding for GSB1 hardly even exists these days, but that’s all the more reason to work on this.

Ill be posting an update probably tomorrow or the day after, with some of the new lore stuff and maybe a new ship or something to go along with that new lore.


So as I said, there will be an update today. It will be mostly lore stuff…but maybe I’ll get around to making a new model and show it off. Some of this info will be in the main post, which I’ll be updating shortly with the new info.

However, before I do that I’d like to show off one thing I’ve made…a new title logo thing!

It’s a lot nicer than the old one…by far. The old one I used text, and then got rid of some letters and replaced them with a Lambda, but it looked a bit goofy. I also had used the sans font…which is ugly.

This time I’ve made the Lambdas part of the text, and used Times New Roman font, which looks much better. I also made the ‘Flames of War’ actually aligned in the centre, and not a bit off to the side…it’s also the same colour as the rest.

Here’s the old one, for comparison.

Now, this really didn’t need to be a big update I posted about…at all. But since I promised an update, I figured I’d throw out something before I get to all the good stuff. This is also a little taste of some other stuff I’ll be showing off soon enough.

The new logo isn’t on the main post yet, but will be soon.


Alright, the big revamp of the mod is…mostly done! I’ve completely overhauled the backstory (granted there wasn’t much in the way of backstory before) and there is quite a bit, and it’s not even complete.

The main post is now completely different, and looks much better.

I was thinking maybe I’d have a new model to show off, but I don’t just yet. I will likely have one to show off by tomorrow.


Nice work on the emblems and stuff. Im not myself a guy of backgrounds and stuff (i would if you could actually write the same in the very same mod and read it in-game as a story or other features) but i really appreciate when someone put care on their creations. I myself im a detailed modder, so i know what that means lol.

Good luck and see you around!.


I’ve been doing some work on the mod, and here is a little look at one new thing I’ve made:

This is a new ship model, though it’s not completely done yet.


Looks promising. Keep it up. We are just 2 of us still modding it seems, we need to keep this alive at all costs!!!


I am sort of working on my mod still. Sort of. Every now and again I add to it, but it’s taking time.


Well, as long as you remember the forums, we still have hopes :slight_smile: i see you also use sketchup for modeling, i do too. I can say i have some experience by now, if you need advises or watever (or we can share tips), im around here as an active<<< user :wink: