[Mod] WWII Mod (postponed for another WIP mod)

That’s right, folks! A WWII mod! Now first of all, this is NOT a TC. It simply adds a new race, scenarios, modules, etc. I will inform you when I complete more of it. Current Progress:

B-17 Flying Fortress --Cruiser
Focke Wulf-190a --Cruiser
P-51 Mustang --Cruiser
P-47 Thunderbolt–Cruiser
British ACW IP Tank–Frigate (FINALLY doing some tanks)
British Sentinel AC-IV Tank–Frigate

I need to keep the planes and tanks to be relatively scaled with one another, so I set the airplanes as cruisers.

Fighter Machine Gun
Bomber Defensive Turret
British MG
Feet (yes, feet; an engine module for the foot-soldiers)
British AT
German Artillery
Artillery Armor
Tank Armor
British ACW IP Tank Turret
Tank Engine
British Sentinel AC-IV Tank Turret

Race file --Complete.
Race music --Changed and put in-game.
Five custom turrets complete.

I have also gotten a desert background that I plan to use in a future scenario, however I must know how to make a fixed background before I complete this mod. I hope that Orkel will release his mod (very doubtful, as we haven’t heard from him forever) sometime soon so when I’m finished with mine, It will be a land/air/naval mod. (My mod doesn’t include Naval units). This mod will take longer than my other ones, yet this one will be better because I’m doing damage spots (as far as I can understand them at least), hardpoints, etc. Pics below:

This isn’t supposed to be completely historically accurate, so don’t expect the number of turret placements and stuff to be that different from fighter to fighter. There is a huge difference between some units though, Bombers and fighters are different for example in practically every way apart from ship class. However every single unit will have the same damage spots, although it isn’t really too noticeable. It actually looks pretty good.

can you split the Teams Possibly?, so Like have Allied and Axis, because the weapons where very different on each side.

and can you make bombs Standard Slots, while having the function of turrets?. so you cant just have bombs in Weird Places, only Machineguns, Cannons and Rockets Should Use Turrets

if its not a trade secret or anything - Have you worked out a way for certian hulls to be kept below*
For example, you want tanks to be kept below planes. - (assuming that there will be more than one type of vehicle onscreen)

  • Note: Kept below refers to the docking code for fighters when they go in for repairs. I honestly don’t know what its real designation is in the game

wasn’t the layer and ship thing already adressed in the changelog thread? first page to keep planes above the ships in the gratuitous naval battle mod?

shouls be able to make it so tanks keep below planes.

Alright i am confused . .
Cliff has some code that will toggle the fighters to be all above when they are off screen

No, I don’t know how to do this. :frowning:

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried to make the turrets invisible while still having the “Kinetic blast” effect that the machine guns have, but it was impossible. I will make the non-machine gun turrets invisible, because I don’t need the effect. I will make bombs standard slots. But about the split sides thing? Possibly. I need the race to have a good amount of ships, so if there is an overload of ships, I will make Allied and Axis.

@ Hybrinoid
From what i have read I think its a case of the under over situation kicks in only when fighters go in for repairs and when they leave
Once tye are off screen they are reassigned to above status. This was what i was confused over
So If you keep planes as fighters and make tanks as frigates that should sort out the under / over situation
plus allow planes to fly freely over the battlefield.

But that only applies to when they’re repairing. When they’re not, they can fly either below or above other ships. :frowning:

For some reason i just had the strange vision of placing tanks and planes in space VS my legios fleet…
THAT would be funny…
Just a floating tank in space firing off its cannon vs a l33t legios fleet full of hyper blasters and turbolasers


well actually I’m not sure how this race would fare against other races
I’ve mainly been testing the ships and weapons against other planes in the race. However it might be balanced enough. The planes, currently, don’t have that many turret locations at all (Focke Wulf has 3 wtf) but their weapons? Holy shit. One word: Death.

hey cliff, is it possible to change the music in a scenario when you’re facing the same race in both scenarios? like for a desert mission it would play desert-y music while in another scenario when you’re battling the germans/russians on the eastern front, the music would be something like war-in-russia music?

It’s not currently possible. Quite a few things would need to be changed in code to do a proper job of a ground based mod.

I thought so. However I’m not waiting for those to happen, I won’t bog you down with blah this and blah that etc.

The only thing I can really do with no problem is the planes. It’s good enough to cope with the “tanks-over-planes” problem. And I will change the battle theme so it is generally all-around battle music. Also, (although I was already going to do this) I’m going to find some tank/halftrack/etc. sprites that don’t have guns, and don’t LOOK like they have guns. That will work. However I MUST know how to make the backdrop fixed before this is released.

since I am having difficulty doing tanks, i will also be doing infantry so I’ll actually be doing something, along with the aircraft. yaaaaay!

EDIT: Ok, I have decided to use the same strategy for MOST of the tanks. there’s two tanks that look like they don’t have turrets, so I could use them for some of the tanks.

EDIT AGAIN: Actually I’ll just delete the turret for some tanks with fixed turrets, copy and paste something to make it look like it’s supposed to be that way, and add the turret in-game. tried it with a British tank that looks like it could kick some serious ass and it works pretty well.

hm, you know what, just to get some variety in making the mod, I will not limit myself to making a certain category of things at a time. sometimes I might do a tank, next time i’d do a plane, tank, infantry, blah blah blah. BTW I finished the British bazooka unit and changed the music AGAIN.

if you are a decent artist in flash or some other graphics programm you can delete the turret and just draw in a base there

Nope, unfortunately I’m not. Which sucks. however I am good with removing backgrounds that can’t be removed by using transparency, etc.

EDIT: Actually, I decided I can. I don’t have any tools to do it from scratch, but I could view it from a much larger perspective and copy and paste several pixels at a time. I tried it with a British death tank and it worked fine. expect no tanks to have fixed turrets :smiley:

im trying to that with the yamato but my game is f****** brokin now and im mad

that sucks :frowning: