Modder for hire!

Hey guys, I have lately come back to this game and I want to help the modding community! While I am useless at making graphics of ships I can easily make anything from modules to Conquest missions. I don’t ask for anything other than recognition. I will work hard and I am desperate for work. Set me a task and I will fill it to the best of my ability. I also come with a free smiley generator :smiley:

When you distribute your mod, tell me so I can create a linux version

Out of curiosity, who are you with graphics work, like with turrets and such? I could really use someone who could chug out some turret graphics.

Well, like I said earlier, I am no great graphicer, :D, however I can edit any given graphic into anything else. I was looking for something more technical however.

If you want some suggestions, try creating a balanced AOE weapon and a scenario where it is showcased.

If you fancy testing an alpha mod for holes/balance then that I could probably use.

Are you any good at coding ship hulls?