Modding articles

The thread on creating damage textures got me thinking. Do people think it would be a good idea for me to mirror certain articles on the GSBEdit website? It would have to be stable articles that aren’t expected to need editing as I’m the only person who can edit the site currently. It would be possible to set up other people with permissions to edit certain articles if it was a popular idea, though that’s not really my intention for the site. The idea would mainly be to provide an easily accessible archive of articles so that new (and existing) modders don’t need to dig through the forum. Let me know what you guys think.

I have no problem with the idea. Thanks for doing that.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try getting your damage tutorial up as an example.


I’ll probably end up splitting the image-heavy ones like this into multiple pages.

Access denied. :frowning:

I’ve fixed my fail, sorry. I forgot to mark the page as published.