Modding for Macs [was: Hacking Honour on Macs]

Hi all,

My questions has probably already being answered before, but 11 pages of topics is way to much to be bothered to scroll through.

I have a Mac (Lion) with GSB on and would very much love a way to skip the whole honour system. All the editing stuff I have seen online is for PC, so if anyone can tell me how to do it i would be very grateful!


SIA, welcome to Gratuitous Modding.

That’s why every subforum here has a Search feature, silly. Use it ! :slight_smile:

I have no clue how the internal directory structure of the Mac version of GSB is arranged, but on the Windows version your Honour points are stored in the unl.dat document.

If the Mac version does the same, just find that file and use TextEdit to open it and replace your actual earned value with your desired number of “Dishonour” [lol] points. :wink:

Then you resave the file, reboot the game, and you can unlock everything that you wish. Don’t blame me if you then get in over your head tactically, though.

What, you mean ship editing? That part of your post is unclear.

If so, yes; the official Hull Editor program is an optional add-on for Windows GSB and no other OS.

Supposedly, Red Marble Games are in the process of porting the Hull Editor into the Mac game, but I have absolutely no info what the ETA of that noble but long-overdue effort might be. I recommend you send an emailed question about that to them at support +at+ redmarblegames &dot& com. Let us know what they say!!! :slight_smile:

If you’re still talking about hacking your Honour points, all you need is your Mac’s built-in TextEdit program to edit and resave that file.

The best way to get to grips with anything more complicated is to begin by just poking around in the text files.

[lol at dishonour pts]


[your name]\Library\Application Support\com.redmarble.GSB\unl.dat

Last line is honor points. might have to win one battle to create unl.dat

Thanks, laws215! Very timely and helpful info.

Going forward from here, anyone who uses the forum Search function can find the answer to SIA’s Mac GSB query even faster than before. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had the same issue myself. Best way to do it is to get a program like The Cheat, and use it to edit your honor.

Also, with Mac mods, you have to copy and paste everything into their respective folders, for as much as I have looked, I haven’t been able to find the directory where the expansions are placed, which is where you would place the mod folders.

And all images need to be .png format, not .dds.

It is simple for placing of the mods, All you need to do is drop then in the main file where GSB.exe is located and make sure the mod install file is in the data/installs folder or the mod will not load up.

If there is no mod instal file or you do not know how to find out make a new file in the place you install gsb/data/installs folder name it “modname”.txt and put the following inside it

path = "modfoldername"

then save it and the mod should work now.

Remember, the original poster was asking about Macs. The location of the actual application is quite different in a Mac. You have to right-click on the application and choose “open package contents” to get to the resources, such as ships, but the .exe equivalent isn’t in the same folder, or the folder before it.

Mac Mods:

[your name]\Library\Application Support\com.redmarble.GSB\mas\data\packages[mod nmae.pkg]
[your name]\Library\Application Support\com.redmarble.GSB\mas\data\installs[mod name.txt]
[your name]\Library\Application Support\com.redmarble.GSB\mas[mod name]

Download my mod (named, link in this forum) and you’ll see the install more clearly, as well as the differences between Mac and Win mods. In a nutshell, a mod can be created using PNG files, and simply renamed “.DDS” for Win version. No conversion per se is necessary, just the right suffix. Text files are universal. FX are PNG or DDS. You can use my mod for a road map. I’ll also upload a newer version shortly.

I know you mentioned installing mods and not creating mods. Its pretty easy to convert all the existing Win-only mods for Mac. In addition to above, one other slight difference was the fighter_sprite. Win needs DDS file. All other ship art in bitmaps folder can be PNG for Mac or Win. Just make sure the text files that point to the art reference the correct name (i.e. “myship_damaged.PNG”).

Some mods are created using actual DDS files and can’t be simply renamed. Download DDS Converter 2.1 by Yannick ‘Bluehair’ Leon. Excellent DDS -> PNG conversion, but it only runs on WIN (I have a virtual WIN partition on my iMac as a solution for that).

Good luck

Oh yea er um sorry my bad lol, I think Laws covered it for us now.

Are people creating their graphics as PNGs renamed (not converted) to DDS for Windows-based mods? I did not know this.

Me, neither. The potential problems due to the chance of not all Mac mods using the same method is cause for concern.

I’m curious. If it it works, what’s the issue?

EDIT: To document what I said,

  1. I made the 2 attached PNG files
  2. renamed (not converted) one to “”
  3. Screenshots attached of both PNG and pseudo DDS in Mac GSB and Win GSB

No issues playing either. I assume it works, but I’m interested in your opinion.

I don’t completely understand the DDS format. On a Mac, Graphic Converter will convert some, but not all DDS files. Instead of a clear image it sometimes coverts to a b&w, contrast, square image. For those, I use Win DDS Converter mentioned above.

Interesting, I guess Cliff must be using an image reader which converts automagically if it can. I know wx can do that (I use wxPython for my GUIs).

2 other Mac modding bits of interest:

MODS go here: [your name]\Library\Application Support\com.redmarble.GSB\mas\ (see structure above)

EDITING MAIN GAME FILES - To edit the main GSB files, locate your “” in the Applications folder. Select it and type Command D (Duplicate). On the file that says, “GratuitousSpaceBattle” remove the “.app” It will become a folder. Inside you’ll find the game files, just like Win version. When your done, add the “.app” suffix back on to the “GratuitousSpaceBattle Copy” folder and it will return to being a single, clickable application.

Optionally, you can right-click any *.app file and select “Show Package Contents” for the same access mentioned above.

Be careful, both the copy and the original will use the SAME user files located in:
[your name]\Library\Application Support\com.redmarble.GSB\mas\

Duplicating the app first insures you’ll always have a functional GSB.

STACKING PENALTY - Red Marble, the people who made the Mac conversion, forgot to register “stack_effectiveness” for [dataitems] in the module text files. It’s a functional value, it just can’t be referenced in-game on a Mac. You’ll get code jibberish instead of a value when you look at the module properties (Win GSB works fine).

The workaround is to remove “x = stack_effectiveness,DECIMAL” from the [dataitems] section (that’s the bottom portion of the module text file) and simply reference a reduced stacking limit in the description.

The hover text will still show the module’s efficiency.

please post any variations in latest OS Lion (I don’t use it).

YOU ARE AMAZING. The ‘mas’ folder is where expansions are saved to. So if you want to install a mod, put the install in the data folder, but the main mod folder into this folder.

THANK YOU, that was the main Mac modding problem for me.

I am not going to lie but most of what you guys said went over my head, I’m alright with computers but way to sleepy at the moment for it, just come back off tour so drained.

I have poked around in the application files and manage to edit the honour amount in first mission, simply went in with a few ships and won - then i had all the honour i needed.

So if I wanted to modify things, like put in the star wars ships mod i saw on this forum, it looks like i simply put the details into a .TXT document and save it in the ships folder. now i just need some details to put in the .TXT page…

I tried finding the file to hack my honour (I want everything for Praetorian Industries unlocked NOW!) but to no avail.

I went to the following path [your name]\Library\Application Support\com.redmarble.GSB\unl.dat

But the only file in there is for the parasites mod. Any ideas where my saved directory could be? It saves but I have no idea where.

lol, PI is expensive, isnt it? You have to unlock almost everything to play with the true power of that mod, i like to think that you are not unlocking, but researching new techs ^^

well, idk anything about mac, but keep searching around that location, if there is a file for the parasites, there must be more for the rest of the game races.

Yeah. I guess so…lol.

The rest of the files are in the source folder within the app itself. Argh. My GSB program is just weird I guess.