[Modding] Override Bug?

Hey there, I’ve been trying to add a link between tax evasion and the land value tax included in my mod. I’m using an override to get the desired effect, and am using the same equation that’s used in the situation file of the main game to reduce income tax/corporate tax income.

However, it seems that part or all of the equation isn’t being passed through to the actual game? I’ve attached some images below of the override file as well as the in-game effect. If it’s a simple fix that I’m missing, please let me know :slight_smile:

The override txt file:

The in-game effect:

The actual modifier:

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Okay, this was really confusing because as far as I can tell, the effect preview graph is correct, it’s just the effect itself that’s wrong. Maybe this is an instance of [Bug 1.126] - Parsing of Exponents doesn't respect parentheses?

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Yeah, that’s where I was confused too. The visuals are portraying it all correctly, but it seems like things go kind of haywire whenever an exponent is added into the mix. I’d assume it has something to do with parsing of exponents, but I suppose we’ll have to see once that’s fixed!

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@cliffski I didn’t see the exponent issue (or the slider translation issue) on the Trello board. I assume early access is pretty overwhelming, so just wanted to make sure you have them both on your radar.

Thanks for the great work on modding capabilities thus far!

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Yea this does look like the exponent issue again. It looks like your policy is getting parsed as “1-(0.2x)^2” instead of the “1-0.2(x)^2” that it looks like you intended.

Yup, Our parenthesis is more aesthetic than actually respected…its a bit rubbish. I will add to trello…