Modding situations

i have an idea to create some new situations for the game, this is one sample one:

#,reputation,“Bad reputation”,“Our country has fatal reputation among other nations and supranational entities.we are considered authoritarian and undemocratic,many think our government breaks basic human rights. Sanctions have been called against us.”,FOREIGN POLICY,“Our authoritarian reputation provoked economic sanctions against us.”,“The economic sanctions against us have been cancelled as authoritarian tendencies ceased.”,0,5000,0,“ArmedPolice,0+(0.2x)","curfews,0+(0.3x)”,“Liberal,0.15-(0.15x)","NationalService,0+(0.1x)”,“Prisons,0.08-(0.08x)","DeathPenalty,0+(0.2x)”,#,“GDP,-0.1-(0.12x)","Patriot,-0.1-(0.2x)”,“Liberal,-0.2-(0.2*x)”,

I tried to place in in the mods/situations folder,but it does not work at all.
Should it work, is it possible to mod situations ?

you certainly can mod situations, off the top of my head I’m not sure if text ones work, or if you have to add them to a csv.

This is modified situations.csv file with my new mod.

It crashes when i load a country. I think it has no errors. … ations.csv

Please,try to run it. Maybe i have wrong version of the exe file or something ?