Modding Starting Attributes?

How do you change the starting attributes for you character?

Somewhere in the games folder-structure there is a file called “Attributes.csv” .
There you can change the values in the “default value” column.

But be aware:

  1. This is not only the starting values but also the value each attribute will return to after some time
  2. some attributes are paired (e.g. stress and relaxation), only one is shown to the player, but if you raise the default value for one of them, make suree to lower it for the other attribute accordingly

If you only want to change the values temporarily at the start, you could edit the birthday event, but that will return every year…

Can’t give more details right now, as I don’t have the game with me right now (so all the names above are from memory and could be slightly different),
but just ask if you need further help.

Ah ok i will give that a try.

I’ve been poking at the attributes file for a bout 2 weeks now, I keep changin the startin stats for IQ but none of them seem to want to change, any idea how to make it work?