Module/Ship Comparison Tool

Just got this game, it’s lots of fun.

However there were some features that i immediately thought “why doesn’t gsb have this”

one feature i think would be good is a module/ship comparison tool. Like those side-by-side comparison things you see online when you check out cars or anything with specs.

I did a quick scan of the forum and it seems the following issues is being addressed already, but I just gotta say it.
I was very disappointed with the end of battle stats report, I was expecting so much more.
The pie charts convey very little useful information.

I want to know how much damaged I inflicted on each enemy ship, which of my ships did the damage and the contribution of each weapon. Things of that nature
and vise versa, which enemy ships did my particular ship take damage from? which weapons? how much damage from each weapon?

I see that a in-game floating damage system is implemented, but I think the end of battle report is also very important and can’t help but feel it’s being neglected a little.

Finally, it’s a great game! I’ve been trying to convince some friends to get it also =)

you know you can click the different items on the module details window to show a comparison list yes?
Not perfect, but very handy.

No i did not know that, thanks for the tip

yeah, I didn’t even know how to access the comparison sheet (although I knew it existed) until the tutorial started pointing it out. Thanks Cliff for adding it!

tho the comparison list is useful, but it doesn’t replace a comparison tool like the one i mentioned.

say if i want to compare cruiser laser and cruiser beam laser, I have to keep clicking between the two modules to compare the different specs.