Need help with putting up a mod

I downloaded a country mod (Poland) and I need help putting it together. The instructions say unzip it at the Democracy 3 folder which is not specific. I know where to put some of the files such as bitmaps, missions, etc, but I realized that if I replace the sliders, simulation, etc, (There different then the default one), there replaced with the modded one. Can anyone help? I’m confused

In your main Democracy 3 folder you want to have one folder that says “Poland”.

In there, you put all the stuff from the mod. So it has a subfolder that says “Data” and within that one you have even more folders like “mission” “bitmaps” “names” “simulation” etc.

In the main Democracy folder, you will always have one folder for each mod you install, and they will all have more or less the same setup of subfolders.