Netbook support?

In the interests of full beta testing, I installed GSB on my ASUS EEE 1000H and (in a quick test with the default fleet on level 1) it ran really rather well with everything switched on. However there is sadly no 1024x600 support at the moment. Is support for that resolution still a plan or has it proved too hard to squish it all in?

would really like to see netbook support

thanks in advance

Morgo … pport.html

“requires a screen height of 768”

I use it on my netbook sometimes. What I do is change the pref.ini file to 1024 600. You won’t get this option under the options tab. It squishes the graphics a bit in ship design but the battles look fine. At home I usually hook my book to a moniter.

BTY this really helped me on a 5 hour flight the other day!

Ah, I’m a 1000H owner too, and I naturally assumed it wouldn’t run. Thanks for the tip.

Anyway, you can somewhat emulate a 768 resolution with everything squished on a 1000H, but it really runs a lot worse than a natural 1024x600 resolution (and looks distorted too). So seconded, minimal loss of UI space and you’ll make netbook owners a lot happier.

I’m a netbook owner too. I’ll give editing that file a shot, but I’d certainly be grateful for netbook resolution support as well.

This actually might not be a bad idea to do for most of the Positech games, if feasible. While I truly enjoy my Toshiba netbook, let’s face it … trying to find games you can play on it isn’t exactly easy. It would be great if someone can adapt as many of these games as possible for these.

If anyone can figure out a way to do this, I’d be really grateful. Thanks!