[New Country] Russia v2.0 *New Policies*

This is the newest release for the Added country:russia

-Added Policy: Dead Hand
-Fixed Compass
-Fixed Game Crash

mediafire.com/download/2erm5 … d_v2.0.rar

UPDATE***As it is now on the steam workshop, the updated versions will be released there and then released here at later times.

why does russia in the mod has 10 million people?!
The russian federation has over 100 million people please fix the population in your next version of the mod :slight_smile:

The number of people that’s shown when you choose the country has nothing to do with ingame-experience, so it wouldn’t change anything (probably just a typo, anyway)

The game simulates a couple of thousand voters at most

EDIT: Of course it just looks weird when the votes are counted and there are some dozen million people missing ^^

yes it was a typo, i am in the process of fixing everything when i add in the custom policies, i am also working on a warhammer 40k faction mod at the same time so it might take me a little bit to do everything but it will get done.

also can you please change the name of the country to the “Russian Federation” and the currency to ruble you can use “руб” or “P” as the symbol of the ruble!
It doesn’t have an official symbol yet but the ones proposed have a “P”(P is R in russian) in them!

Good job overall its an amazing mod!
Its really hard aswell!
This really needs to be in the main game from the start XD

How do I install this mod? I can’t seem to get it to work

I have changed the currency to the ruble, also to install the mod you open up the russia folder in the zip, then drag the data and russia folder in to the democracy 3 file

problem with you mod

I installed it twice - in Mods folder and in Democracy 3 folders (next to German, USA and others vanila files)

in both cases - game crashed

Hi, it looks like the DDS file for the compass graphic is not correct, you need to fix that, and then I can add it to the master mod list.
Also the population figure is wrong, the value there is not the actual population:

so it should be 71750

I fixed the compass and the game crashing bug is because I left something in the files that was not working, Fixed version coming soon

So if they download my propaganda mod there will be 2 propaganda policies? I think that It’s better if i give you the credits and update my propaganda mod, thanks

i didnt include your propaganda mod because i didnt think it would be ok. I can include your propoganda mod in there if you want for your sake

for my sake? i’m just saying that it will be confuse if they have 2 propaganda policies that’s all, but it you want that it’s ok and it’s propaganda not propoganda for your sake…

I will get rid of my propaganda policy, and i just realized that i spelt it wrong

Is it working properly? Have you fixed the population bug?

Should be working, It was never a bug, I had just wrote in the info a bit wrong.