[New Country] Sweden 0.3

At 450,295 square kilometers, The Kingdom of Sweden is the third-largest country in the European Union by area. Sweden has the second lowest population density within the EU with a mere 20 inhabitants per square kilometer. Sweden has one of the most highly developed welfare states and highest spending in science in the world. Can you manage this socialist country towards greater good? Or will you crumble under the burden of the people?

For screenshots and automated steam installation: Steam Workshop.
For non-steam users: See Manual Installation


  • Sweden as playable country.
  • Swedish flag and details-image.
  • Swedish names.
  • 1 custom dilemma for countries with wolf-issues.
  • 1 custom event.


  • Version 0.1:
    [list][]Initial Release.
    Notes: Pretty weirdly balanced with poverty issues but avoiding overrides to not de-balance gameplay.
    [*]Version 0.2:

  • Tweaked Evolution vs. Creationism to add more religious.

  • Added 1 New Event! “The Toblerone Scandal”.

  • Added override to add more Trade Unionists.

  • Fixed GDP (Now debt/GDP is very accurate to reality and also scales your credit rate better).
    ]Version 0.2.1:

  • Updated file-locations to work with steam workshop.

  • Initial Steam Workshop release.

If you installed version 0.1 or 0.2 go into your Democracy 3/data/mods and delete the Sweden_BDZR-folder.
]Version 0.3:

  • Adjusted namelist since game now supports äö (still not å).
  • Added some double names to namelist.
  • The “Toblerone” scandal.
    [list][*]Fixed/changed image.
  • Improved event text.
  • Fixed so that event can actually trigger. (Chance equal to wolf-dilemma for the moment)
    ]Wolf dilemma - Fixed stupid tooltip.[/:m]
    ]Fixed compass-icon.[/:m]
    ]Policies - A lot of changes including:
  • Removed mansion and luxury taxes.
  • Increased tax.
  • Reduced liberty of Sweden by various means.
  • Reduced some policies that was set to a strict 1-value to allow further tweaking for the player.
  • Introduced Welfare Fraud Department (a.k.a. Försäkringskassan).
  • Destroyed the environment a bit.

Manual Installation:

  1. Delete the Democracy 3\Sweden_BDZR folder.
  2. Download Latest Version.
  3. Extract content of ZIP into your installation folder. (Merge if asked)

Feedback is much appreciated and is accepted both on the official forums and in the steam workshop.

How did you reason when you put the number of socialists in sweden? Even though we are quite a socialistic country I’m not sure that the view represents that big of a majority.

Well thruth is in this version there is no overrides so the high amount of socialists is purely due to the high amount of welfare and state services. The game increases the number of socialists by standard.

Secondly the overall view in Sweden is very socialistic on an international or american scale. For example a majority of the population thinks that the state should run schools and hospitals etc and feel that it is naturual. So on an international scale i’d say that the population of Sweden is socialistic.

I’m very open to discuss and further tune Sweden but i haven’t tuned and tried any more due to the low amount of feedback i got.

I really could use a good swedish mod =) I’m trying to pitch the idea to use this game in a project for young people and a good sweden would really be a nice argument =)

While I agree that swedes in general have a socialistic viewpoint compared to international western standard I’m not sure that the majority against private schools and hospitals are quite as big as the game makes it out to be. I think some overrides would be needed. Also it would make the campaign a bit more challanging. If everything is socialistic and 95% of the population are socialists it is quite easy to just sit back and relax.

Absolutely! No game is fun when its too simple! So what do you say about the politics? Are they somewhat representative of Sweden? If they are not i’d love to adjust them before i start fiddling with overrides :slight_smile:

Tried it quickly, good job. One thing that I wasn’t so sure about was state housing though. Is it supposed to represent housing benefits?

Exactly! Without it Sweden ended up with a lot of homeless which is not really Representative of real life.

Could use a Policy about separating church and state. The number of religious people in sweden is off as well. While we certanly are among the least religious people in the world atleast 10% and probably around 30-40% would consider themselves religious.

Hmmm, yeah, there really isn’t a lot of other good options for that now that I think about it.

Another thing came up, I think something is wrong with the debt. Now, debt is fairly low right now, but in the economy chart the debt/gdp ratio is a tiny 0.17%. The Latest numbers I have seen place it somewhere around 38%.

Oh… well yea that is awful to be honest! :o I’ll look into to that in my tuning session tomorrow! Thanks for pointing it out!

Well most European countries have separated Church and State since long. Secondly what effect would it have on the gameplay?
Based on wikipedia Sweden have about 18% who “believe in god”. But I’ll tune the evolution vs. creationism towards a more neutral state tomorrow and see if it makes the numbers a bit better.

On an extra note; Anyone else have a nice idea of an “Dilemma” or “Event” that are somewhat unique for Sweden?

The Sami people and their political standing. Though there are similarities to the native populations in other countries. Piratebay, the pirate party. Global issues but sweden is kind of a special case.

The Sami is not really a great issue but i’ll agree that it is a somewhat unique issue in Sweden. Piratebay is a really nice event. I might implement Piratebay without being specific and leave the dilemma to be able to affect you no matter what country you play as. Thanks for the points!

Wolf hunting has generated a lot of controversy in Sweden in the last few years.

Wolves are allready in there, havn’t had the time yet to play a full playthrough to see how it plays out, will try to do that tonight.

I think that after you’ve set the policies you feel is appropriate to sweden you should change the demographics rather than let the game decide it or try to tweak the policies to get the right demographics to appeare. That would make the game start a bit harder.

Racist webpages and parties appearing can change the racial tention.

Toblerone scandal can make it hard to gain the trust of the people :wink:

About the Sami people, what makes it unique is that we’ve had some major problems deciding who gets to belong to that population. At one time it was decided (and then half way retracted I believe) that only reindeer owners were true Sami. It’s all very odd and with a bit of research I believe it could be a nice feature, even if it’s not very hot in the media at the moment.

Radiotjänst and TV-avgifte (as well as SVT and SR)

If I come up with any more I’ll post again =)

That is my goal! With tonight’s release (0.2) I’ve implemented a script to increase the amount of trade unionists, since Sweden have one of the highest union memberships worldwide! I will try to add more realistic/interesting overrides when i feel that the politics is somewhat reflective of reality.

Do you think of this as a dilemma?(choice a, and choice b) or an event (a fixed trigger). I guess you could have a choice of how to handle the situation and that patriots like you more if you do not react to it or something similiar.

Implemented! Tell me if you get it!

I could implement it as a general question about natives of a country and give you 2 choices! (Why i like to do the events as general without mentioning anything specific is because events is cross-missions IE. there is no way to restrict events to a specific country that i know of.)
But my question about this is what effect would it have on people? What group would get increased opinion/membership etc.?

In Sweden TV-fees are actually not a tax and SVT and SR is actually not state run because of the very reason that they are supposed to be independent from the state.

Please do! :slight_smile:

Ohh, updated version. So it was the gdp rather then the debt that was the problem. Makes sense since I could run mad deficits without the debt/gdp hardly changing at all.

Just personal preference, but i don’t think it feels right when policies generally start maxed out unless they have discrete steps like he abortion law. Maxed out science for example didn’t feel right for me.

Yea both the gdp and the dept is based on the real swedish debt. I had f*ked up the gdp in the files. It was a bit strange syntax. ^^ But now you should have about 30% debt/gdp which is pretty accurate.

I see your point! I might try to avoid have the sliders maxed out but in some occasions it feels needed. For example the foreign aid.

Seems like the game freezes after I installed the mod. I can’t go beyond the “New Game” button, and the game just shuts down.

"As of 2012, about 67.5% of Swedish citizens are members of the Church of Sweden
In a Eurobarometer Poll in 2010, just 18% of Swedish citizens responded that “they believe there is a god”

I thought 10% of Irish Roman Catholics not believing in God was mind boggling, kinda seems like playing soccer without the ball. Sweden being mainly Protestant isn’t surprising though, it is in the north of Europe after all.

In Scandinavian Lutheran culture, church membership comes with MANY benefits, like free wedding service, attendance of ‘church camps’ during summer, and so on. Despite being a very secular region in general, the church has an almost welfare-state-ish function as a model for social cohesion.