New Crash mid battle.

So I’m having this strange crash that has just started up. It always occurs mid battle, seemingly at random, but not until around 3 - 5 minutes in.

Here’s a screenie, though I’m not sure how much help it will be.

I thought it might be my drivers, but It continues after I went and updated all of them. I’ve also tried to fastforward through an entire battle and see if I could complete one but it still dies. Really confused at this point. Any other info I could give that could help figure it out?

This is the dreaded, and much hated sound engine crash. turning master volume to zero apparently fixes it for now. I am determined to track it down, but not getting much help from the sound engine makers :frowning: I will find a way around it soon.

Alright, thanks for the fast reply, It didn’t feel like a sound related crash so when I was searching for information on it that never occured to me. Good to know its being worked on, loving the game otherwise hah.