New feature coming (inertia scaling)

New blog post! About a new feature I’m adding as an option to Democracy 4 to make it more realistic:

I always really loved the idea of high-cost long inertia situations cropping up in the late game. In Democracy 3 it took heavy space investment AND full military investment to get Weather Prediction Technology, which was always my signifier that I had pretty much won.

There are so many good and bad realities inevitable in our future, whether your state is flourishing or floundering, and I would love to see more hidden challenge layered into gameplay through heavy inertia scaling.

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I agree, but sadly its hard to convey the way inertia works in the game to causal players, who tend to react with ‘everything is just RNG’ which is the default hot take when players aren’t sure what is going on :frowning:

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Any update on when to expect this feature?