New Moddable data item added soon

Just FYI modders, version 1.37 will support a new ship bonus:


(for 20% cost boost)

This allows you to make a ship more or less expensive, including every module added to it. I’ll be using it for a future race, but if you wanted a new super-experimental mega-ship with double the normal power output, you could set this to a positive value to make that ship expensive to buy.

what about giving that modifier to the tribe? :wink:

Sweet! Now I can make my Tactical Cubes ridiculously expensive in comparison to their non-tactical counterparts without making the hull itself stupidly expensive. :smiley: Thanks Cliff!
Any chance of a rangeboost modifier being released someday?

Is there currently a data item that mods range or tracking speed?

nope, sorry. :frowning: